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  1. Hi their, the cock bird looks to be a rec pied as no iris rings however if it gains irise rings it may well be a clearflighted pied or a df dominate pied. You will know which one when you breed here's how. Firstly a clearwflighted pied will breed pieds and normals and the rest is depending on the splits if any. That hens lacewings so all cocks bred will be split lacewing A double factor dominant pied Will breed all single factor pieds in a nest. Again all cocks will be split lacewing A recessive pied will breed all normals provided the men's not split rec pied. Again with that hen all cocks will be split lacewings but all chicks will be split rec pied cocks and hens Hope that helps
  2. I have about 32 birds rainbow creating breeding birds And few white cap in pet Message for details Pick up warragul vic or depending on suburb may be able to arrange drop off.
  3. hi all , well its been some many years i have logged in here but ive really been missing the place of late and well i have some babys for sale so decided to offer them here as well as my normal facebook page , avalon house . birds are all split clearwing and mostly violets and cobalts theirs a few opalines and most are goldenface in single and double factor if you breed rainbows or wiish to or if you are after a tame pet this is the perfict chance pick ups warragul victoria melboune and birds are priced cheep at 20.00 due to i had a great season call 0490332528 for inquierys haope all are doing great. gb
  4. I have some albino hens for sale Both only used one clutch each 013 rung hens They are cousins Also have a clearbody / ino for sale he is a big bird with long flights Call 0450081940 for mor information Pick up Gippsland Cheers ...Leeia fox
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/713351892054250/ Hey guys I have started providing pet birds again for taming and breeding purposes Birds are mostly intermediate size half show half regular pet size in many variertys all my birds are blue series birds I do not breed green series birds however I specialise in keeping our Australian golden face budgie in its pure form in which provides a good choice of birds whom resemble green in lovely tones of bright lime green down to deep emerald green of the single factor violets Feel free to look and join my face book page where up dates of what's available in the nests Right now All birds are 30.00 and come worm and mite treated for protection up to 3 months I provide on going information and advice as long as you feel you need it if at all Regarding either taming care or breeding So feel to call Leeia on 0450081940
  6. wonder who around this place i still know ??

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    2. GenericBlue


      im well thanks starting my blue based pets again so :) i missed the mutations and colors i could breed with the pets and taming them up ready for a new home on request :)

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      I'm on here every few weeks, when I can.

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      Every now and then I jump on here...

  7. haha looks like were all as **** as eachother its now um ....August thats no good robyn great to hear from you i am starting to breed my pets again so if and when your ready i may have somethng for you . i may even start a post here with my new venture as i miss this place a bit .
  8. finne i cant find my old posts can you send to me a link please ?
  9. hey can i ask what colours variertys please ? interested in the hens possably
  10. hey finn same im only here to peek see how my old mates are doing im doing good on the showing side of things my birds have improved amensly i cant work the photo bucket so i cant continue on my blog sadly but hey what ever glad your still doing well hows your feathered mates also the spangle boy has been sold .....weeks back just have not had time come here say
  11. grey sold still a skyviolet 4 month old spangle cock bird left 30.00 and now a australian goldenface opaline skyblue single factor 6 months old un used hen also 30.00 pick up only birds are ivomect treated for lice and worms pm if interested
  12. GenericBlue


    welcome , this is the place to come
  13. i have seen and responded to your message , you are more than welcome to come and get the grey boy he is still avalible
  14. no as i dont know what email account its under lol its okay by the time i find out how to do it the birds will probly be sold lol
  15. really dam im going to have to learn how to do it all again and get a new account . thanks jimmy .
  16. Hello all its been a long time i have been on here so first of all to all of you i know HELLO . I have a few club rung birds for sale ,they are not in my veiw good enough to be sold to other club breeders but would make great aditions to any pet stud i have one skyviolet spangle 4 month old and one grey normal ( could be 25 chance carrying ino gene but wont know untill he is bred ) 4 month old male 30.00 each pm me if interested and i will need to work out how to add pics again its been so long so will need to read the sight info ( im hopeing its not still photo bucket lol ) thanks and hope that i can get them a good new home
  17. keep him warm and make sure you get some water into him just drop a bit on his beak is should roll into his mouth do this a few drops , also squeese some lemon into the water feed him bread crums and corn so he is eatting something till you can get him to the vets but do take him millet sparys may tempt him also good luck
  18. i think if you give your hen some moxi t in the water or some tripple c this may help baby seems to have yellow belly which just means its hatched and a tad to early or not sucked all its sack up complitly leaving space for infection to get in from next or mum or dad food anything as chick has no amunity the tripple c will stop that i feed it to nests where first few die same as that and all chicks after hatch fine good luck next time
  19. lol well i got pics but not many off the nats just the silly fun times kaz and Maisie and i had we had a blast i also got to meet some very very gret people and our very own maccer we have a brilliant picture of well kaz does but im guessing he would rather it not be put up on here kaz has most the pics of the presentation dinner and as i said bar that night we spent more time shopping than sitting starring at a big tv screen after all how long can you look at birds for in one day and unless you were up stairs drinking or meeting the other breeders i believe few hours of birds after they were judged when you could actually view them was plenty met lots of really nice breeders had alot of nice chats and got a few invites to diffrent states and breeders homes however since i dont get out much probs wont be taking offers up but was nice all the same all in all had a ball worth saving for guys for 1213
  20. I just dont think the birds should be disqualified, Just lost points for being down on colour like the other birds in the class. The problem will be that there will be birds somewhere in the middle where there is no class for them at any show. matt how is that a problem their are and have been birds like that in most classed look at the df spangle with the true neck collar ( these birds get put at back of class for their suffusion yet that is what a true dfs is like ) a true df in my eyes, yet its been breed out for years on end creating a cinnamon dfs with out suffusion in turn creating the any other variety and cinnamon spangles intern creating a huge reduction on the quality of spangle marks , if what you said was allowed then their would be no point in a standard at all personally i feel that variety needs to come before the bird in the points cards when judging the birds in the shows a change i know will never happen very sadly at moment its bird size,feather,stance ,then variety well something like that all i know is you get more points for a big bird with feather and size over a well pro ported bird with posture and good variety , its the variety that should be appointed the most points for anyone can breed a stomping big bird with feather and size with out the goods in its variety ..sadly the birds are loosing the true visual beauty in some breeders chase o breed a big feathery bird for the bench because the judges are awarding them regardless of the quality of their variety , only a small handful will actually judge with variety in mind and size n feather second to stance and visual requirements of the type, i say go that few lot of judges we need more of you keep it up
  21. i totally agree with you nubbly i dont see that the birds were judged wrongly over here for the class they were placed in. the differences was stand out the birds should not of been selected for this class if selected for the other appropriate class that may of changed things with their outcome , i think its about time people whom breed dilutes can show them and like nubbly don't feel the other birds will be pushed aside i think the judges got it right and should be no slander toward them doing a bad job as for the judges that nominated for this class i feel either the greywings if that was their best they could choose for a high level of competition i think they either choose on body size /bird over variety and possibly this may make people realize that variety although awarded less really does count over bird its self specially at top competition status .....id been discusseded personally if the two birds were not ds as this would show that the standard means jack squat
  22. i did go to the nats and i did see these birds and i have to say i agreed that these birds were not of true Grey wing standard or variety i think it is very hard to distinguish at times whats breed from grey wing split dilutes and dilutes split grey wing and belive it really just goes back to the breeders records and knowledge of their stud i myself could see that the birds were not of variety stated before i even knew they were not placed being new to this all i didnt realize that mistakes like this can happen but can see that that it just comes down to genetic knowledge something most breeders these days dont know much off anymore
  23. hello ,in reading this post , and many others i have come to the conclushion that ,fliptrain has no clue about budgies and their needs and their care and i hope that everybody who is looking for advice ..DOE NOT HEED WHAT FLIPTRAIN SAYS i for one have left the forum only popping in at times because of people like your fliptrainer ..you not only are unawhear how many people read what you say and actually belive you are experianced and have knolage about budgies when anyone that does have a clue advice worth listning to are ignore due to your very poor knolage thinking you know best this is very dangourous as its the poor birds that are suffering from people comming here to learn and being told clearly very none experiance member whom clearly hasent even reserched this forum himself or would know better to say such rediculess advice .....isa hill you posted asking advice kaz the forums admin (not for lack of knolage ) awnsered aproprietly and corectly i sugest you listen to her over young inexperianced members ...fliptrain my advice to you is before you go giveing anymore advice ..one learn what budgies eat cause its not pellets two learn what cage requirements budgies need cause its not climbing room up wards and three buy the challange by gerald binks and read cover to cover before telling anyone anything on here again im actually discusted that your bad advice can not somehow be hidden from sight ........gb
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