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  1. Thank you Elly, I shall search this sub forum then.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm brand new to this very interesting forum, so please be gentle with me... I've had budgies for over 20 years, always a pair or three at most. My first pair lived long, the male 12 years and the female 14. The pair I currently have, are about 6 year old and never been ill in any way. Yesterday I have found signs of mice in a cupboard, and wanting to try and nip the problem in the bud I'm considering those plug-in devices that emit ultrasound in the region of 30,000 to 60,000 Hz. The information on the products I've seen and on the net say that these sounds do not affect other pets such as cats and dogs, but there is no mention of small birds. Are these devices safe to use around budgies? Thanks in advance for your kind help. Q
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