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  1. well this budgie breeding buisiness can rerally test ones resolve . ive ended up with zero chicks from the spangle nest with both albinos having also died in the last few days after showing no signs of ill health my aunt has taken the sky blue opaline/fallow hen , so im just left with the cobolt/fallow cock now
  2. well things have gone quite pear shaped with my birds in the last 2 weeks since the babies fledged . the 2 youngest in the spangle nest died suddenly after being apparrently healthy . then the spangle died this monday . so im left with the 2 albino chicks from that nest and they are going really well , feeding on their own and flying about etc , in the fallow nest , the sky blue normal i found wringing wet and dead on friday morning . i suspect it took a bath in the water dish and struggled to get out . the cobolt normal cock and sky blue opaline hen are going really well , eating well on their own and capable of flight . the baby cobolt cock flew off on tuesday when i got him out for handling , luckily i caught him at the end of my deck when he flew into the jasmine and didnt know where to go . my fallow hen has somehow injured her leg so i probably wont breed from her again unless it heals . well i will add some pics of how the rest of the bubs turned out hopefully on the weekend . and for those interested the bubs are ready to got to new homes now .
  3. congrats on the pending bub MB , i hope you get back to feeling normal sooner rather than later . no wonder your tired doing your uni with all that going on . just thinking about it makes me tired
  4. its shockingly horiffic , i cant even imagine what people afffected must be going through . and to think some of these fires have been deliberately lit just makes me sick . what sort of person could do something like that . i hope that it doesnt get any worse
  5. update time !!!!! cobolt / fallow nest first chick , cobolt normal has left the nest this morning chick #2 , skyblue normal chick #3 , opaline skyblue hen spangle/ cobolt nest chick 1 , albino , this one has very soft feather chick #2 , cobolt spangle ( hoping cock ?) chick #3, cobolt normal chick #5 , ino they are going really well at the moment and i hope to have some ready to go in a few weeks , the spangle im going to keep as i really want to breed some violet spangles eventually . i would love tyo keep them all but
  6. thanks JB , they are really fat well fed chicks . ive started handling them so its going to be hard when its time for them to go :thumbs_up: , they are startin g to have personalities already i think
  7. sorry you lost your green cheeks AV , big hugs , ive been lucky that its only got to 40+ here a couple of days . luckily i have patio cages and can bring all my birds inside to air conditioned comfort , otherwise i would not even have contemplated breeding at this time of year
  8. you have some really nice birds there av . the people that dont like you for breeding pretty birds should go jump :question:
  9. well an update is long overdue , the chicks are going well and growing really fast . 1 chick from the spangle nest has some issues so im deciding the best way to uethanaise it . here are some baby pics from the fallow nest , the first chick looks huge to me . the middle chick has very white down compared to the other 2 in this nest and the cobolt nest , the 2 albino chicks are doing really well not sure if this is cinnamon or spangle yet ,
  10. yep !!! its best chased with a cold beer , or anything that gets rid of the tatse :rofl: . found it super relaxing , thats the best thing about it for sure :rofl:
  11. hungi thats what my mate calls it ,see i knew i was going to spell that wrong the first time , i think the fijians call it a lovo ( probably spelt that wrong too ). i loved it when i went to fiji , i just wish cava was easier to get here .its good stuff as im sure you are aware
  12. sorry didnt mean to offend you jb , he insists its tongan curry , whatever that is ? he gives me a small satchel every now and then when i give him fish and tells me to make it last , bloody good stuff . definitely not normal curry like in asian cooking though . when i see him next i will ask him what the tradional name for the dish is , im sure your mother inlaw has cooked it for you yeah ive been to a couple of ungis ( think this is right ) where they cook all the food in the ground . you are right they sure now how to put on a feed . ive had the raw chunks in cocunut milk before , i think it may have had bananna in it too but not 100%
  13. super idea to get the kids involved to trish then you can kick back and relax when you know theyve learnt how to get everything under control :what:
  14. I bet you have, you just don't know it was shark! im sure your right hills if you dont see it get filleted you cant be 100% sure what youve eaten .most of what used to be sold in fish n chip shops was shark now its a stinky asian catfish they call basa or pacific dory . if you saw where they farmed these fish you would never eat them ever again . JB i make a wiked cocunut milk curry shark from a recipe a tongan mate gave me , those islanders really know how to cook seafood and id go as far as to say its the best curry i have ever had . i am biased though ofcourse :yuck:
  15. .i agree jimmy they are lovely animals , lovely battered with chips or a nice curry . pete actually had a great white swim right under him at the sydney spearfishing cup on sunday . he said it was ******* huge , but he kept diving anyway and came 13th . b****** that , he has to be missing something in the brain that normal people have
  16. well im not as confused as i was , but that doesnt mean im sure im right either . here are a couple of my yf/gf birds anyway Gf cobolt cock yf2 cinnamon cobolt hen yf2 dom pied skyblue yf1 violet and yf1 sky violet spangle hen there are many different opinions ofcourse depending where you learnt your terminology
  17. what did people ever do without the internet and mobile phones get back to work MB , the sooner you are finished the sooner you can come back
  18. i will to that neat !! is it friday yet ?????
  19. yeah i told both our wives neat , myn wants to kill him and his wasnt too pleased with him either . i actually think i would have been better off on my own that day . i was just happy to see he was okay when he came back . but that doesnt mean he was off the hook , i just cant print the expletives here on this forum that i used once the police and ambulance people had left
  20. trish this is an amazing task you have undertaken and its obvious to see you have a great heart . i can see why you would be having second thoughts about getting rid of them after you are puting so much effort in . makes my blood boil that people could have let those birds get that bad so good on you for taking them the satisfaction you will get from rehabilitating them will be worth much more to you than the $200 you have initially spent . good luck on your mission
  21. jb you would love it for sure . ive been wanting to do scuba diving for years . my wife and i were booked in to do the starter course before we found out she was pregnant so missed out . its the most relaxing experience ive ever had ( most of the time ) . im refusing to dive this week as the diver that got attacked locally was bitten by a 2-2.2 metre dusky whaler and there has been 3 seperate sightings of greta whites this week locally between 3.5 - 5 metres , one as close to 20 metres from shore . add that to the 40 something hammer heads and other sharks that the coastal shark watch saw on the weekend and you will probably be able to understand why
  22. thanks elly thats really helpful . i was just going round in circles trying to figure it out :hi:
  23. this is going to be areally good trhread . ive been wanting to know what the go is with yf1 , yf2 and goldenface . i just thought goldenface was yf2 , though i dont know where i got that idea from to begin with
  24. okay well hes paired up with the violet rec pied hen , so im not going to split them up . if hes double factor would i get any double factor dom pieds or will they all be sf dom pied ? then mac is masking violet and the hen is visual violet so how will that factor into things ?
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