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  1. Great looking new additions Dave!!
  2. Thanks for your response everyone, it's almost like everyone is waiting out there for these type of questions!!! The first pair I got from an elderly lady in Perth who was anable to take them with her where she went, poor old love. Last time she laid she had 9 eggs she said, she seemed like she knew what she was doing. I don't know if it makes a diference but she look's blue in the photo but is very violet. I should of asked when I had the chance.
  3. No I don't know, These are all the things I am still to learn.
  4. Was wondering what I could expect out of my pairings? It's my first year breeding and I'm a bit slow on the uptake in the genetics field!!!
  5. He's a ripper!! It's an amazing colouration. It's crazy how in the rule book you can't have that coloured nose yet an Australian Bulldog is highly regarded as having that nose.
  6. Been a bit late putting these up but this is our newest family member "Nugget" . He has grown almost as quick as a Budgie chick since we first got to see him. He's a pure bred British Bulldog but unlike most he has a Liver coloured nose and green eyes and because of this he would be disqualified in the show ring. 6 weeks about 3 1/2kg 12 weeks about 9 1/2kg No picture, but today he's 13 weeks and is bit over 10kg
  7. I think I've seen that possum before at caravan park in Airlie beach!! Great Photo's!!
  8. HAHA Thanks for the tip, it's hard to turn them down!!! He has a nice young Grey opaline spangle hen on hold for me and I grabbed 2 yesterday. No more after that!!! pffffft!!!!
  9. Here are five of six new family members I picked up yesterday, I had no room or $ left so I am going to pick the others up tomorrow.The little hen wouldn't leave us alone so she ended up coming with us!!!
  10. Dumb and dumber are Beautifull!!!! Does anyone know anyone in Perth that would sell birds like these??
  11. Is there somewhere I can purchase a light to check my eggs in Bunbury? My friend recomended the ones the club sell's but I would like to get one today as they are due to hatch...
  12. Does anyone know who sells pre fab aviary's around Bunbury apart from the pet shops? Am after one new or second hand.... around 1.5 by 2-3m
  13. They'd be near ready to start making a full number this week. I hope so anyway...Jeez I can't seem to get the resize working on Photobucket!! Sorry bout that, they are normal sized budgies and the eggs are definatly smaller than a chooks!!! :rofl:
  14. I'll keep my eye on him, thanks for that.
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