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  1. thanks alot kaz thanks i really dont have the space it just an old cubby house and well pop just biult 2 aviarys inside it so thats what happened and i have half a clue because by pops dad bred top top show qwality budgies but im not in it or show budgies more just the pleaser of watching them growing and then taming them i do have to agree that last time things did get pair shaped and the haen that i thourght was egg bound "nancey" shes fine and im breeding with her again as she is a good breeder Good luck
  2. well i realy would like some positive not negitive please I am excited that you are excited. But I cannot offer you anything positive about colony breeding thanks
  3. yes i know but i am set up for it so i would like some positive coments would be good :yes:
  4. hi all, i am so excited as i am starting breeding on thursday and all my hens and cocks are top quality and i have 5 pairs yahhhhhhhh and when the eggs hatch once i start breeding them then they are sooooo cute :yes:
  5. clancy


    i would have to guess a boy soooo cute :yes:
  6. your picture that youve got under all your writing of the blue budgie is egsactly the same as ane of my cocks lol its like a reapeat sooooo cute :yes: i like the grey one
  7. she is 2-3 years old one of the first that i bred. yep google has no simple or logical answers to be honest and it does realy suck sometimes as you put in a simple question and have to reafraze the question and you get half an answer or normaly no answer.
  8. Hi, i have breeding budgies for about 2 years and i want to train one of my prettyest hens that i bred . she is ready to breed but i have none to pare up with her this year so i am going to train her should i put her with another budgie or not how do i tame her so she lets me hold her??????????? thankyou
  9. my hens are alot better this time and so are my cocks as i am alot more organised and know how many boxes can be put in an avairy and i am only putting 6 birds in each aviary and none died everyone was healthy i am much better organized this time and im alot happier this time thanks will do
  10. hi, what are some good budgie names as i need some names for all the budgies wich are going to start breeding and have babies so i will need some names for the babies as i am going to start breeding on tursday again. thankyou :budgiedance:
  11. Then you would be wrong and cannot read....I said girl boy girl yeah i realied that after i posted it and than i forgot to change it
  12. Thanks will feed them some tomorow as i normaly give them carrot and they go nuts over it and there feathers are orangey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. HELLO, it would be good if i knew if i could feed my budgies corn straight of the cob :bow: ???????? if so is there any specific type to feed them???????
  14. clancy

    Foot Fetish

    I never heard anything like it maybe he is looking for somthing.???????????????
  15. Hi everybody, got home from sghool this afternoon to find my beutiful yellow budgie that i had bread had an egg.i am so happy :hug: :hug: :hug: YYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I THINK SHE WILL BE A GRATE MOTHER.
  16. I am going to the vet thisafternoon to pick up my dog I will try to get that then if it is not to exspensive.But I am going to try to get it as soon as posibale as some of the eggs i have are due to hatch.Oh and how do you use it and it would be good to know very quickly.
  17. They are little black things and the hens are itching alot but the males ar'nt so much.Oh and how do the eggs go when you spray?I have fidos free-itch rinse concertrate for dogs,cats,puppies,kittens and cage birds.The enstructchion says for ornamental cage bids:mix 2ml of concentrate with 200ml of water and use this solution in a clean pump spray. Adjust spray to fine and spray bird lightly all over, ruffling the feathers to allow spray to penatrate to skin.Avoid contact with pets eyes.Alow bird to dry naturally in a warm place to prevent chilling.reapeat if nessary.It contains in the rinse:10g/L pyrethrins 18g/Lpiperonyl butoxide 3Og/L n-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide Do you think this would be alright to spray on the birds once the babies have hatch and have feathers or could I do it now?
  18. Hi, Does anyone know if budgie eggs can have any lice spray on them? Because I have laying hens that have lice and I would like to get rid of them before there is a lice infestatchion.
  19. Hi, I have laying hens that have eggs that are going to hatch in not to much longer.I have lice.can i spray the boxes or females witch make contact with the eggs?please help.
  20. hi, somtimes my hens push each others eggs out of the others hens box and somtimes attack the babies .what is the best way to breed budgies?Do you split them up or put them in an avairy?
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