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  1. Snowflake

    New Aviary

    Looks good. I have my cocky in with my budgies at the moment and the cocky only gets grumpy when the budgies take his food or they get in the way of whatever it is he does during the day. thanks for the advice about the mesh though cos my cocky rips the stuff i have now apart aswell....
  2. I colony breed (sort of) I have a part of my aviary with nest boxes that i can 'lock' mature budgies in during breeding season. But before i did that i had no problems at all breeding in an aviary
  3. Snowflake

    New Aviary

    thanks i was thinking of having a bird bath for water(or splashing around in) and a bird bath for food.
  4. When i have tamed birds (mainly larger birds with big beaks) i put garden gloves on. But when i tried this with budgies it scared them even more. So i tried putting pics of me and other people near the cage and placing a tape recorder of me talking gently next to the cage after a couple of days usually i can get close to them without them biting me. This worked for me but I'm not sure if it would work for others.
  5. Snowflake

    New Aviary

    hyopefully it will be up and ready by christmas or january How many water/food bowls should i have in there for 10 budgies?
  6. Snowflake

    New Aviary

    Oh sorry the program i used mucked that up a bit 1 metre from either end is enclosed for breeding cold/hot weather etc.
  7. Snowflake

    New Aviary

    I have been thinking hard how to design this aviary and eventually just went for something simple. So I got the plans all drawn up up and this is it: I'm Having my cockatoo in one side and my budgies on the other. Now I'm just waiting on confirmation on the money supply....
  8. Snowflake

    New Aviary

    Hey guys, mum decided that we're not moving after all, so I can build my new aviary. Bad news i'm broke. But I joined together my old aviaries together to make a big one. I'll try and get some pics Awesome news!!! Mum just said she would pay for my new aviary!!
  9. Snowflake


    Oh No! Mum has decided she wants to move so I cant build my new aviary, but we might not move for another 6-12 months. But good news... Mum said that when we move I can build my aviary as big as I want (as long as I pay for it) So now I have to wait for ages!
  10. Hey guys! I am buidling a new aviary, I finally got the okay from my parents (lots of persuasion!!!) But Im not sure whether to make it out of wood of metal or what? Its for cockatoos for now but eventually when I get my budgie population up Im going to house them there... Does anyone have any ideas about materials, building plan etc..? Thanks alot
  11. Snowflake

    Pet Shop

    lol my cokatoo laughs like some kind of super-villian, and screams to heavy metal, sort of similar....
  12. Thanks alot everyone, I'll try these techniques tomorrow morning when I go out and feed. Those articles were very informative thankyou KAZ and Karthik
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