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  1. hi I'm looking to get into breeding. I've done lots of research and now I'm looking for some 1-2year old birds to fill my breeding cabinets with. Looking for 4 males and 4 females. Please PM me including any pictures, age, diet and previous breeding history. Thanks
  2. Hi guys! Some of you might remember me from 2009, most probably do not. Here's a brief history: I got my first budgie after moving houses from LILBABYBUDGIES. We named him Skipper. He has taught me so much and as I've gotten to know him, I've spent more and more time learning about how to take care of budgies. When Skipper was about 1.5 years old, we got him a friend, a green hen. In November, we bought another little girl who we named Mochi and now, we're hoping to get a friend for her aswell because she seems like a third wheel I've just had a look at some of my old posts and they rea
  3. Hey Elise, I bought a Mauve Opaline male budgie from you in 2009. We kept the name you gave him and he is now the treasured family pet!

    Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful pet :)

    He now even has his own girlfriend ;)

  4. hahah I would put it on but he's never in the smae spot for 2 seconds I'll try again today though
  5. Lately Skipper's started nippping my hand I know he doesn't do this for attention, to hurt me or because he's angry Most times its just a light nip orther times it hurts more but its never a full on bite I've noticed that when he does thing he's tail feathers splay out like a fan. At first I thiought he was angry at me but he seems pretty happy: he does that cute head bobbing thing and chirps and stuff I'm really not sure why he's doing this, some say lack of calcium or something? he's got a cuttlefish bone... If it helps he's going through a moult right now so could he just be moody
  6. awww they're so cute! Have fun!
  7. budgiegirl


    I have been warned too Birdluv haha. They seems like simple little things but a year later you'll wake up with birdseed in your keyboard and over 100 budgies! I'v been thinking about a buddy for Skipper aswell BEWARE xyfbudgie !
  8. Hello everyone! Wow I haven't been on here forever! Anyways Skipper now 1 & 1/2 years old. He is gorgeous and I just want to take the chance to thanks LILBABYBUDGIES for my wonderful little companion. Its great to be back and I know I'll soon learn even more! Budgiegirl x
  9. vrewvte I can't believe i won! thanks everyone! this was taken when i lifted my shoe up to put in on and skipper jumped on before i could make a move! lucky dad was trying out the new camera and took the picture!
  10. well i did what maesie said and i definatley saw improvment and now the bites are much lighter, he doesn't bite when he's not on my shoulder. When i try to put him back to his cage he tries to climb back on my shoulder and repeats. though i've found that when i leave the room he tries to follow me so i'm going to try leaving the room when he bites me.
  11. i'm afraid he'll bite me more if i try and grab him with my whole hand as i have never tried to grab him
  12. well he does jump to the cage door when i put him in and refuse to take him out again for biting me
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callistemon That is a link to a page Dave put on here a few weeks ago I'm pretty sure willow bottlebrush is safe as it is a member of the callistemon family but just check on there to see if its the one you have thanks :rofl:
  14. Hey everyone! I think Skiper is going through a nibbly stage that is getting worse lately when i take him out he sits on my shoulder and bite my ear it hurts very much and feels like he's trying to peirce it. He's 11 weeks old so could he be molting? there are 1 or 2 tiny stick like feathers on his head. what can i do to stop it? I've tried putting him back into his cage but he bites my fingers really hard in a attempt to get out again. I've noticed that he tries to bit the newspaper at the bottom of his cage alot. What could that mean? Please Help! Thanks~ Budgiegirl