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  1. Nat

    Some Of My Flock

    thats lemon pies lot and not i dont need to foster the chick every time i check the bub its got a full crop , there is 5 in that box the other one is under the first 3 she layed 13 egg well you have to expect a few days to a week or so between the bubs ,
  2. sorry but they are not even close to the same , English budgies are smaller than a show bird but bigger than a pet bird and I have about 10 of them they are far from show birds.
  3. lol nice pics but you forgot to add and english budgie in the mix
  4. Nat

    Hi Im New Here

    HI every one My name is Nat i live in Sydney , married with 3 kids. Now for my flock 60+ budgies ( 20 breeding pairs + extras ) a few show stock but mostly bush budgies and pet type 8 lorikeets ( rainbow, scaly, hybrids ) 2 peach face 1 love bird ( dont know what it is ) 5 princess parrots 4 cockatiels 2 bourke parrots ( on eggs now ) 1 rosella 6 king quail 1 Cockatoo
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