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  1. no the colors go by the years blue rings are 2010 breed so he was breed this year
  2. all i can say splat is wow very very nice birds i like the opaline hen with a lot off flecking
  3. well i will have that yellow faces and the light green oplaine and dilute
  4. okay well thay still have sume growing to do she look like she is a long bird i will not say no to here and damn i will love to have it
  5. hey mate love them yellow faces very nice babys two i will be happy to have them
  6. love the yfs mate that hen is nice hen two how old is she but can i have that yf gray nice boy
  7. pair 21 PAIR UP ONE THE 5/12/10 hen grey opaline cinnamon BH2 cock white lacewing cock J&S
  8. thank you gb i will update as thay go on i still have 2 more lacewing pairing pick out
  9. thanks dean_nz thay are geting there hope i will get sume nice ones out off this pairings that i am makeing PAIR 23 pair up 29/11/10 yellow opaline lacewing hen K O normal grey green cock JCD
  10. very nice fallows i with splat outstanding babys
  11. up date pair 3 has 2 eggs now pair 5 has 1 fertile egg so far pair 6 has 4 eggs now pair 17 and 18 are still doing the new pairing thin and now today 28/11/10 new pair 24 light green cinnamon hen AB yellow lacewing cock HG
  12. up date on the pairs pair 3 has one egg lad to day 26/11/10 pair 5 has 4 eggs pair 6 have 3 eggs pair 1 2 5 hens have bobbing tails so if all good thay will have eggs soon and the new pairs 17 and 18 are kissing and going in the boxs all going good
  13. thanks nic i will i pair up 2 new pairs today 25/11/10 pair 17 light green cinnamon hen BB normal light green cock my breed bird [/url] pair 18 light green dominant pied hen HG normal grey green cock DW is bird is the dad off the cock in pair 17
  14. hey yes i hope so hopeing sume nice spilt come out off it no i got him late 2008 at the Christmas auction
  15. what a nice budgie just if it was not a fd that good at lest he is going to have a good life at your home kaz
  16. 19/11/10 pair 5 had her fist egg today yes all pair's are doing good thanks shannon
  17. up date all hen are cleaning out the box and i just see pair 6 mateing so all looking good
  18. you are doing good splat keep up the good work
  19. he is looking good now kaz all the best with him how old is he now
  20. thanks gb thay are geting there and splat most off the breed hear go all year this 6 pair are in the top row two but so far it still good in there i got a few trees that cover it and i got a fan going i put my hand in a box to day and it was not hot hot so all good thanks shannon
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