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  1. A thing to be considered also is.............. advice given three years ago by some people would also be different to advice given NOW. Just as Novices would know a certain amount when starting out and then by the time they move on and even up into open breeders.......would advise differently with time and knowledge. Delving into old topics and old old advice would not necessarily equate to advice given if this topic and others was posted on the forum TODAY. Delete old topics then?
  2. It's better to be safe than sorry. And I don't think it's quite accurate to say "nothing happened"...just ask the people of Chile...I doubt they'd think of the loss of over 400 people as "nothing" Yes im accurate in saying nothing happened , because nothing did happen as we are talking about the tsunami , not the quake. I tempt fate everyday when I get in my car and drive on the road. If we have no accurate system then we may as well not have a system at all , as now people take no notice of the warnings.
  3. I wonder if the authorities remember the boy who cried wolf !!! Warnings for everything and everytime NOTHING Happens !!!
  4. If its pregnant then id get it to some scientist as they will need to check it out , you will have the first bird ever to be pregnant !! Maybe its an internal layer with a womb .
  5. Nope , more like mineral salts and trace elements.
  6. On the show bench yes . But paired correctly to say the first hen bird in the top picture and you can correct the flight issues , dont always take everyones opinion as gospel , Remember that all birds have faults , you must try not to pair two faults together . Nice birds.
  7. I hope the farmers in the area put their stock away , billions of budgies would make short work of of a herd of cows!!
  8. Your dreaming if you think a budgie is going to a dam to catch bugs , more like a drink. Wild budgies may eat the odd insect but more so as a chick in the hollow of a tree. And I would like to see some proof of budgies eating a road kill in the wild!! , Ive seen many many road kills out west and too this day never seen a budgie on one , mmmm but then maybe the Wedgetails scared them off
  9. The problem with waiting for positive signs like said above is that it will be too late and the bird will die , even if you save it , its immune system will be destroyed and the bird will relapse when stress levels rise again . You must react when a bird just dosnt look right , even if you just put it in a warm place and monitor.
  10. Seperate her and keep her warm over night , then straight to the Vets Tomoz , If she dies still go to the Vet as it most likley will be contagious and you need to protect the rest of your birds.
  11. Top price was $2800 for lot 47, another 10 or so lots went over $2000 7 Lots over $2000 to be Exact! . Average price around $650 per bird
  12. You can have violet Lt green , dark green and olive green , the violet gene just manuiplates the shade of colour . Violet Dark green Recessive Pied. You can test pair to find out exactly.
  13. I have read articles by vets that say Quarantine isnt 100% effective , as a true carrier bird is never cured even after medication , a carrier bird can supress illness for 12 months or more before showing the signs of illness and in this time spreads the disease . Birds have a built in factor from the wild that stops them from showing weakness , this is so predators dont get them straight away, you will never find this in quarantine. Even though I dont breed anymore , I think putting birds under breeding stress is the easiest way to see if they are carrying anything. With todays birds and all the problems that have been bred into them , Quarantine is almost obselete. Goodluck with yours Melbournebudgies, Looks to me like you will need to Doxy every year from now on , thats why big breeders do it. Our pets and stock are worth too much not too!!
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