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    Breeding Budgerigars(my favourite)-Pet type and Show type. also breed cockatiels (3 pairs), red rumps (1 pair)<br />I also love my dogs.<br />I suppose my main interest is in animals altogether. Im doing really well in school and want to get into Veterinary science and do an avian course:)
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  1. my tiels always chuck their cuttlefish in their water dish, and they still eat, they are still fine, as Kaz mentioned she is not a big fan, you really need to supplement there intake with other calcium supplements, not only that, increase vitamin D3 levels for better absortion
  2. That lokks fantastic renee. that last picture of the light green hen has a big head(frontal), i like her.
  3. That's great news, went for quick check on mine, I took splints off early to-day. Bigger chick is getting around fine in and out of box into cage etc. walks a bit lke a sailors roll but I think it will be fine little one is still a bit"iffy"but will climb up my fingers from one to the other so have high hopes for it as well.Shutting down comp for a while. Storm, which poses another question. Does anyone know if it's true or old wives tail that Thunder can kill chicks in eggs? Looking more positive now 'anne101' so good lesson learnt. thanks :thankyou: hey robyn, i have never actually heard that saying before. my birds have been through many horrific storms and all com out fine. in the breeding cabinets i just cover them up, so they dont get a wind draft coming thorugn and they are undercover. never experienced that either
  4. hey robyn, i think Kaz meant 2 weeks from hatching, thats when splinting is most effective. im hoping that your chicks recover. just letting you know, your chicks are older than mine, but i had two splayages, one was just 2wks old left his splint on for 10 days, took it off this arvo, legs are perfectly fine and he is getting around really well, the other was younger, took his off 8 days, and he has also made a full recovery. i wish the same for yours. but the green chicks are a lot older, and bones and things would be more devolped. sorry i had no experience with splinting an older chick so cant really say.
  5. if you completely cover the cage, so it is all dark, and quiet, they generally go of to sleep or whatever. i cover my inside budgie up at arouund 6-6.30pm and is uncoverd around 6-30- 7am. so he gets around 12-13 hrs rest.
  6. Well that is weird. I thought buying an 09 rung bird meant buying a bird bred in 2009 not 08, although it probably could be bred in 2009 and be shown at the nationals, just a little weird. Oh well I guess that is how it goes and who am I to judge, as a junior member. Thats all good, thanks a heap for that Kaz, I understand now.
  7. just a little confused. why do we ring birds hatched in 2009 with 2010 rings? we are still 4 months this year left.
  8. Yes Neville that is true. But you can be pretty sure off whos the father, when you sit down and watch them for a while, when i first started out i colony bred for about 2months, then got cages. but if ther aren't many birds in the aviary, it can pretty esay to work out who is paired with who.
  9. What Nerwen said, Off topic, must say. i love your opalines (my fav variety) very clear v strip. did you breed or purchase?
  10. Hi Elsa, As long as the block is not terribly soiled, I see no reason that it connot go ou with the other birds in the aviary, it would be fine.
  11. old post, sorry,just a question. im about to put a pair down, their in the holding cae at current, will move to an all wire cage with divider(would you recommend seperate them before placing them in a breeding cage, just something new i havent tried, any results acheived or is it pointless?) about breeding aid, do you feed mixed breeding aid and seed as sole source of seed or normal seed mix and breeding aid on the side? will also have tracemin to water, as works well with breeding aid cheers
  12. ive had the same problem, it has happened once before to me, and they were succesfully splinted and fully recoved and in the aviary with me still. at current i have a few splinted chicks, as mum, who is a great mother, sits a little to tight on them, all i have done is what everyone esle said, calcivet in water, and drop on beak (question: how do you get the drop of calcivet on their beak, i just dipped a cotton stick thing in calcivet and just put on the beak, will this work?) also i have had some older chicks recover well myself. using the above method. good luck with this robyn, i hope they make a full recovery.
  13. if you dont mid me asking, how much for your cages. also ypu get good light in there. also got any pics of the exterior.
  14. what is the problem with the wooden ones? Wait to see new pics of your newbies. i really like grey cinnamons
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