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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for a really long time. I'm very sad to say that about an hour ago, we came home to find Piccolo dead on the floor of his cage, with spots of blood all around the floor which seem to have come from his mouth. He had shown no signs of being sick prior to this and we were only out for about an hour, he was totally normal when we left and dead when we got back. Cosmo seems fine too. Unfortunately we really can't afford to take Piccolo to the vet for an autopsy right now (does UQ do it for free?) I haven't really had a good look at Piccolo yet but I
  2. I think it is a boy. I've never had a bird with scaly face myself but know that it won't go away on its own, so I recommend following the others' advice on this.
  3. The seed poos is one thing I have always liked about having budgies as a pet... you know, how they don't smell, and they're usually easy to lift off when wet or dry. So take that away and they become far less appealing haha
  4. My boys have been converted to pellets for nearly 2 months now at the avian vet's recommendation. I have ready all the opinions against pellets on here but decided to go with what the vet was saying. I like knowing that even though it's not a natural diet, there are apparently more nutrients in what I'm feeding my birds, and less fat.... however.... PELLETS MAKE THEIR POOS SO DISGUSTING!!!!! I just can't stand it anymore. I have been avoiding my birds because I gag when I smell their poos, I'm very sensitive to smell and so it is just building up a negative association with my
  5. awww I don't think she's very old at all.
  6. Is it really going brown like the crusty hen brown cere, or is it more a darkish purple brown wash-over colour?
  7. Here we go.... this is what they look like a lot of the time.
  8. My budgies are so strange. They've been together since about August last year... normally Piccolo was more friendly to Cosmo but Cosmo would biff him away and they had a bit of a hierarchy, they would be friendly on Cosmo's terms but usually Piccolo couldn't get too close... The last week or two they have become completely inseparable! They are always sitting on the same swing, in sync-- both with one leg holding the side of the swing. They now always eat from the same dish at the same time whereas they used to eat at the same time but from different dishes. It's not like they're preening
  9. Hehe yep it is.. I used to have one called Maestro after Seinfeld too
  10. And today their poos have changed so we definitely know it's being eaten and not just chewed
  11. It is not unusual, in fact I don't think I have ever brought a budgie home and seen it eat straight away. They are a bit too stressed and it takes some time for them to trust their food source. That is why it is a good idea to minimise stressful things around him, then he will settle in faster, that is really all you can do to get him to eat.
  12. Woohoo-- they are officially eating the pellets!!! Victory!! I will keep them on pellets only for maybe a week until they're very used to it and then reintroduce small amounts of seed and balance out the diet again with lots of variety. Will let you guys know if we see any health improvements from this as the vets predicted
  13. Cosmo taught Piccolo to talk, for sure. (By the way, does my Cosmo share the same namesake as your Kramer? )
  14. Hmmm... I still don't think they're eating the pellets, but at least they're digging around the pellet-covered seeds. I think adult budgies are so stuck in their ways they are very stubborn haha