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  1. Sounds very interesting, and useful. Ive got a couple of hens that im about to give up on that have bad hipps and cant mate. might be an idea for them i guess.
  2. how do you clean them out? it looks like a bit of a job without slide out trays
  3. and how would i go about proventing it again? or is it just a thing that happens??
  4. Im getting a few birds ready for a show in a month or so and a couple of them have either broken there tail fethers or flights, mainly i think from being in the show cages jumping from side to side and up an down the wire fronts the whole time. The one's it has happend to already i have pulled out the remains of the broken fethers hopeing they will grow in time for the show. Would anyone be able to tell how long roughly it takes for these feathers to grow back?? Thanks Matt...
  5. they dont sound too common? cool maybe i have bred a duster some thing new i supose.
  6. whats the go with mops? are they a falt or are they good? do they live?
  7. hey everyone, look at this little beauty i have bred, well at least i hope so anyway. do you think it is a mop or something? or is it just an apsolute ripper???? it is only 5 weeks old and doesn't seem to have devoloped quite as fast as the others but it might just be that there is just way more lenght in the feathers to come out. i don't know its wing feathers seem to be normal
  8. I spend about half an hour to an hour a day with my birds, thats mainly just feeding them giving greens ect. If you already breed budgies i would say it would be much the same as what you do now. In my club we meet every second month and have a couple of shows a year and there are quite a few females in the club as well. You might just find yourself spending a little more time in the bird room looking at different birds in a show box from time to time. matt.
  9. Do you add cod liver oil or vegetable oil to your seed when you are breeding? I had a lot of egg binding, but since adding the oil i have not had one. touch wood... It must sort of lube them up a bit. matt.
  10. Sorry about the shortcuts. I'm just used to my phone i think.
  11. The vet did a canker swab. It was the last day of treatment today and she is 100% better than before. I still have her in the bird room though. It's still been a bit cool in the mornings here to put her back in the aviary, thanks for your help matt MATT: PLEASE READ YOUR POSTS BEFORE POSTING. I AGAIN HAD TO ADD FULL STOPS AND CAPITAL LETTERS... AND FIX SPELLING.
  12. Why do you all use probiotic? i have used it for my bird before but that was to put the good bacteria back into them after i gave them antibiotics as it kills both good and bad bacteria. if (u)-you give them probotic to often wouldn't it give them to much of one or the other? if that makes any sence matt DO NOT USE SHORTCUTS!
  13. sick!! give the kid a few years untill it can tell the artist to get beeped!
  14. matt


    all fixed now, i dont realy know what i did but it's not happening anymore. thanks to you all..
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