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  1. Thankyou for your reply, she has now passed
  2. Hi there. I have an older famale budgie which is not handled/tame. The last few weeks has had had droppings collecting around her vent, but has seemed fine otherwise. I've been catching her every day or two by throwing a cloth over her and cleaning her vent and removing the droppings. It was suggested that I add apple cider vinegar to her water which I did. I've not taken her to the vet as our local vets are the farming type. Today she has been sitting on the bottom of her cage and I fear she is at the end of her days. Any suggestions for anything I can do for her? Cheers
  3. Thanks Taz, Twisted and Genericblue
  4. Thanks for the answer Taz I didn't think of it like that. I laid some cloth down in the spot she has been sitting (for it to be comfy for her) and also moved the cage to a different spot and since then I have not seen her sitting on the floor of the cage!
  5. Hi Tas and Twisted. I notice you are both in Tasmania as I am. Do either of you know of any avian vets on the north west coast. I am concerned about one of my budgies. My local vets specialise in dogs, cats, and farm animals. Thanks in advance
  6. bump any ideas? I probably posted this in the wrong section. I have just noticed her practicall laying on the floor, I'm afraid she's on her way out
  7. Hi all I have 2 budgies - Bruce (female, approx 10 years old - not sure was given to us) and Snowball (male, 1 year old) We do not handle them or let them out of their cage as Bruce was unused to handling when we got her, we later got Snowball to be her companion and do not handle him either. The issue is Bruce has taken to sitting on the floor of the cage. Not all of the time, some days more and some days less. This has been going on for over a month now., I did take her to the local vet, but they are not avian vets, no idea why she is doing this. Nearest avian vet is 4hours away AFAIK. She seems fairly healthy. Any idea whats up? Cheers
  8. I sent this picture to an avian vet and Bruce gets the all clear! She is just a bit hormonal and normal! The mites I thought were on her feathers seem to have gone too! Cheers for your help everyone!
  9. Thanks for trying to help Neat. That last list is still just regular vets though. I will have to ring around and ask them if they have one I guess. Unless anyone on here is from my area and has a vet they can recommend? Cheers
  10. Hi Neat Are they avian vets? I have many vets in my area but none of them seem to be avian vets? My local vet has no clue about birds! Cheers
  11. Hi I know of only one avian vet in Tassie, which is in Hobart, four hours drive away! Also heard of a vet with an interest in birds in Launceston. Anyone know of one in Burnie/Devonport area? Looked on that link on here, which only lists the one in Hobart. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. I guess I should do as you say an put the olive oil on her cere. I don't want to stress her too much though, she isn't used to being handled at all and now I am letting her out and having to catch her with a tea towel to put her in/out of cage. I can see her chest moving up and down as she breathes (after all this exertion) and hope it's not stressing her too much! I don't know about her having resp. issues, I hope not! I can't see the dark stains you're talking about? I think the person I got her from used to hang her cage outside every day and once she got left out all night in a frost! poor thing. I would love to take her to an avian vet but don't know of any. That website that tells you about avian vet's only lists one in Tasmania, and it is four hours away from me. Anyone in Tassie on the N-W Coast that can recommend a vet?
  13. So you think she has scaly face?? I took her to the vet (not avian) who didn't have a clue and thought I should wait and see? Do others also think she has scaly face??
  14. Bruce in her new cage. Best close up I could get of Bruce I think Bruce has some kind of mites around her face so I picked up some Avitrol Bird mite and lice spray from the vet's and will have to spray her tonight. Fun. I had an apple tree branch in her old cage and I think she must have got them off that? Cheers Rachel
  15. Yes Bruce is a girl (well, her cere is brown, so I think so!) I appreciate all the great advice, just think i have made myself look like a tool (and feel like one too) for being so silly! Andrew had a similar mineral perch for Conan, it is wavy instead of straight though. I don't hold out much hope for Conan coming back, though. We think he was plotting his escape the whole time.... act miserable, wait for more treats to be put in cage to cheer him up, and BAM! escape when the time is right. Seriously though, he looked so happy flying around up there in the sky, and off into the distance. At least he is happy now (if he survives, but I'm telling myself he's a strong bird and will be okay). Cheers
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