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  1. Well I have seperated the mum and babies into a smaller cage this morning and they seem to be going well in the small breeding cabinet. Thanks for all you help there, its great to have a excellent forum for us breeder to get on and find things out.
  2. no the baby where not bleeding, and they are in the cage with both parents. I have some old light globes there, so I will make up a heater box so they keep warm and see how I go with that.
  3. Im after some help on Quails. I have one pair that have laid eggs and they hatched last week and I have 3 babies out of 6 die and Im not sure what has caused it. They where running around the cage with there parents with out a problem and eating off the ground. I dont know what else I can do, maybe someone out there has a better solution for me. Thanks Geoff
  4. Well I have just got more cages to use for breeding, I happen to come across a pet shop 2 hours north of here closing down. I called in there as I was coming back from a trip to Brisbane. I picked up 12 weening/flight cages for $10 each, my wife couldnt say it quick enough that we would take the lot. It was a big saving, they used them as there holding cages in the shop. beat buying new ones at $65 each. Now I need to make more shelving to cater for them. On our trip I also came back with another pair of budgies and 2 pair of canary's.
  5. Hi there Ross, I have found a business in Murwillumbah, NSW that carry a rang of bird accessories. He has a web site that he sell all his items on. I have just purchased some weening/breeding cage from him and im getting drinking/ feeders off him. He also posts the items to you. The web site is : http://stores.shop.ebay.com.au/lentradirect-2U__W0QQ_armrsZ1
  6. kimngeoff

    New Avairy

    you can use different size dowels, or gum tree branches or some bottlebrush branches with the leaves on it as they love to eat it. Having different sizes exercises there feet. Its great setting up a new avairy. Good luck with it and enjoy.
  7. Hi there GenericBlue, well is has improved big time as the cock bird is mating up to the female with 5 minute of them being placed into there breeding cabinet. I highly recommend you trying this and you will not go back to having them in the same avairy together.
  8. This is my breeding cabinet set up in the shed.Yes Kaz im wrapped as its taken me a while to do it as I was put off work and ive only gone back to work 3 weeks ago, Im a builder so ive been flat out getting it happening. Im running 60 birds and currently have 13 cages with eggs and babies. So im over the moon and im getting ready to make more breeding cabinets.
  9. Well its been a while since I put this up and my Avairy has had a lot of changes. I did away with all the breeding boxes in the avairy and split my Hens and Cocks up as they where fighting over nest boxes., I have turned my garden shed into a breeding room with nest boxes and made a walk in section in the avairy with 4 breeding cages. Well now I have a better success in breeding since ive done all this and I only just finished building my extension today. Here are some photo's of it.
  10. okay thanks, just got to work out how to get an ice cream container through the small door.
  11. They are in a breeding cabinet away from the main avairy.
  12. I need some advice at what age do you remove the young from the nest? The mother is spending more time in the nest box, which I can only presume that she maybe getting ready to lay her second clutch of eggs. The male seems to be feeding the young more then her and the young are hanging around the nest box entry. The babies are 1 month old and have been eating millet sprig when I place it in the nest box. thanks Geoff
  13. Looks great, well as for the pot and a shrub, i would use bottle brush as they love it. But they will strip it in no time, so I would just have branches in the cage for them and just get some bottle brush branches and give them as a treat.
  14. Thats great Kaz, Im going to give it a go as we have our first 3 babies. the other 3 eggs were clear but we have another 2 pair on eggs and waiting to see what happens with another 2 pair. thanks for the info.
  15. That is great information and you certainly put a lot of time into it. It has helped me as I had my first baby hatch today. Well done
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