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  1. My apologies if this isn't allowed, but I hope it's alright to post here. I paint people's pets for a small price, and have just done a cockatiel for a customer. I unfortunately don't have any examples of budgies I've done yet, but will soon. In the meantime, here's an example of the quality of work you could expect: Please email me (as I don't check this forum all the time and would like to get back to you ASAP) at: jenna @ thecumminsfamily.net (no spaces) if you're interested in commemorating a past bird or having a portrait or group painting of your flock! Thanks!
  2. Two males, both under 3 months old. The yellow one is a Lutino, and I think the other is a Grey Dilute. Cute!
  3. No doubt about it, a gorgeous hen.
  4. What size leg rings fit a normal pet type budgie? What about an English budgie? I'm looking around on some sites and they all seem to have different sizes. 3.4mm, 4.5mm... Thanks.
  5. I have a couple of birds in an aviary that are showing signs of scaly face. It would be very difficult to catch each bird one at a time to treat them, so I asked my dad to drop by the vet and see if they had any scaly face treatment that could be given in water. He comes back with Ivomec for orally treating sheep, but with a print-out of how much to give in water for budgies based on their weight. According to that I need to give 175ml (I have 20 birds) but I don't know how much water, or if it is a one-time treatment only or not! And I've heard that this stuff doesn't dilute in water and doesn't treat scaly face so I'm a little confused now. Any help?
  6. Thanks for your reply! I did figure that not many people may have an idea of what caused this to occur, but I figured that it was worth a shot asking--couldn't do any harm, and someone may have had something similar happen to them. Regardless; this hasn't happened again, luckily, and she is as healthy and normal as ever. I did record it, to make sure I remember and can keep an eye on her for similar attacks.
  7. I checked on my budgies this morning because they were making a lot of noise. One of the birds was on the floor of the cage, and it was as though one of her legs was paralysed. She was flapping around and kept falling onto her back, seemed to be having some kind of epileptic fit I think. Within minutes however she seemed to regain control, and although her balance was all over the place and she kept twitching her head slightly, she made her way back onto the perch. And now, an hour later, she's fine. Any idea what happened? I looked up budgies having strokes or similar, so could that be it? I don't want her to appear fine right now and then have this happen again, and her die. Thanks.
  8. No. 1--Looks like a hen (not 100% sure on gender), a Mauve Recessive Pied. 2- Male. A Skyblue Opaline double factor Dominant Pied Greywing. 3- Female. She would be a Creamino (which is a Yellowface Albino), as the yellow is a creamy colour and restricted mainly to her face. As she gets older, it will spread over most of her body, but she will never be an even golden colour like Lutinos are.
  9. LOL my apologies Kaz, I must have missed that...can't believe I did! I'm still leaning towards male for the Dominant Pied, but it's that difference of colour (as opposed to the other) that has me doubting..
  10. I'd tentatively say two males. Definitely the yellowface is one, not sure about the Recessive Pied.
  11. So let me see if I understand you correctly. Because the Lacewing is a hen paired to a male that is not split, I would get normal males split for Lacewing and TCB, and all the hens would be TCB? Yes?
  12. Heck yeah Gotta love the pretty birdies. But yes, you are right I don't breed for showing, I breed for the fun. And that combination certainly sounds like fun. At the very least it sounds interesting, looking forward to replies if anyone knows what the outcomes will be.
  13. Definitely Recessive Pied. See no iris rings, and in fact her eyes appear to be a plum-red colour (since I'm assuming you used the flash on your camera) which is actually the eye colour Recessive Pieds can have when they are hatched as babies.
  14. Just a random question. Doesn't really matter, does it. I don't know what the outcomes would be for that however (as I asked) since I know ino reacts not as usually predicted when bred with TCB, and Lacewings are a composite of Cinnamon and Ino....
  15. Another vote for Recessive Pied. Nev, what makes you say Cinnamon? I would have said possibly FBC Greywing, as her markings are grey and her colour doesn't appear to be less?
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