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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for the replies. I would be loathe to have to rub anything on her cere daily, I think that would really stress her out, she loves me but even she has her limits...LOL! She is healthy and happy at the moment so I think I will leave her be for the time being. I will consult another vet in our area who I understand has a lot more experience dealing with budgies should it start becoming a problem for her. Thank you again! :hap:
  2. Hi Elly, Thank you for the reply. It isn't her beak that is the problem, it's the cere. I dont think sanding anything down on a budgie is a good idea either, I must say I wasn't at all impressed with this vet. He is new to the area so I thought I would try him. I wont be going back to him thats for sure.
  3. My female budgie is 5 years old, in very good health and very happy. I took her to a local vet when I noticed her cere overgrowing. He said it wasnt scaly face which I had already worked out for myself. He said to use an emery board to 'sand' it down. My poor Beaky wasn't having any of that, it would have taken forever anyway! The vet said he couldnt do anything. I am worried it may grow upwards and into the top of her head as it is already growing that way and she wont be able to breathe, is there anything else I can do to help her, any advice would be very much appreciated.
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