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  1. I know I don't post much, but I do come regularly to learn from you guys as much as I can. I am not studying anymore, working at a bank at the moment on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the time I am keeping myself busy with stuff... like cleaning the house and this and that... you know... boring housewife stuff... Anyways... I think it is time for an update. Sunny is doing well. His poop has sort of turned to normal. He is now the life of the house. You can not believe the difference. When I feel his vent, he still has the bump there. Don't think that will go away. But it seems he is surviving and keeping us busy. Its been more than a year since we rescued him. Thinking back, he was the frightened little thing, and now he owns the downstairs of the house! He thinks he is boss, he loves his open space, and begs to come out every time we can not let him. He really has popped out to be a lovely little thing. He is a kind spirited and gentle little soul. He has learnt to talk as if his life depends on it and entertains us the whole day long... mornings especially. He has cute manners, acts like a clown on an hourly basis and drives us up the walls when we try to get him to go into his cage! He willingly chooses to sit on my shoulder these days, and I enjoy his company in front of the computer. He even talks to the keyboard at times... as if the keyboard has done something wrong... telling it off with some screechy chirp. Sunny turned out more than we ever expected. He has completely stolen our hearts. Who knew we would fall in love with him so much?
  2. :hap: Buzby. Sorry for your loss. What do you call your new budgie?
  3. I am sorry to hear your news. He is a brave little angel. Hope you take lots of pictures the next couple of months (and videos). You will miss the quirky stuff that you love so much about him. Thinking of you.
  4. Krosp, I am so happy to hear he is doing better. Sunny is still doing the same as before. But he is chirpy. So we are not complaining. Today he is kicking his vent again. His bottom is dirty. Will clean it again tomorrow. The skin is crusty from all the attention he gives to keeping it clean. We will by pure aloe in to help him a bit there. He hates my hands... but today snacked on some wholesome piece of bread while on my hand. He prefers my head now... We are keeping an eye on him... but all seems to be going well.
  5. Ag it is just the cutest trick!
  6. Thank you for all the replies. We are really so thankful to have your advice. Today Sunny seemed a bit tired, so I am keeping him close by. He has to clean himself a lot. I try to clean his bottom as far as I can. He still talks though. The light is on, and he is curious about my writing skills, but sleeps mostly (on the highest perch on both feet today). I felt if I could feel any bumps around his bottom. And there is. Its to his right side. Its quite hard too. Funny that the vet did not pick it up... So now we are enjoying the miracle of a small little bundle of feathers as much as we can. Thank you Krosp for the hug. I needed it today. We too hope and pray that your little one becomes better soon. I will keep you guys updated if anything changes.
  7. Sunny has been "sick" for the last 3 weeks or so. He looks perky, eats, drinks and plays with his toys. Sleeps like normal (with his one claw tucked in). He does not talk as much as he used to... but he still does talk. Normally when his poop goes runny and watery it is only for a few days, and then it goes away. But this time it is different... What is bothering us, is that his poop is runny, not dark green at all (more a yellowish green). The white is not always there. Mostly it is. Sometimes the poop length is very long. He has got way too much urine in his poop. He will make a drop of poop and it will be surrounded with a ring of urine on the paper varying from about 0.5cm to 5cm long (once every 3 days its the latter). We really don't know what to do. He still eats, but he's constantly kicking his vent area, and it looks like it is "pouting". Last night he had some jellylike substance around his poop. It was more white than clear (but the green looked fine). We are so worried and in need of straight forward advice. Please don't spare our feelings. We don't know what to do, other than keep him clean, warm and comfortable. Here are the pictures: and http://i466.photobucket.com/albums/rr30/va...Sunny/Poop4.jpg Some of you might remember Sunny. We rescued him... I posted about it here: http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....mp;#entry267490 We did take him to the vet. But this poor guy has got lots of bad luck with owners, because we can not afford further blood tests or an X-ray. She gave us vitamins to give to him (daily directly into his beak). Further tests are above our means right now. We can only afford it maybe March/April next year. Vets are really expensive here in Canada. So we have to decide now whether he is suffering or not and whether to put him down or not. But we really don't know (neither does the vet want to give us advice) because of the conflicting signs. So I am hoping that there is someone on this website that knows more than we do. This is only my second budgie (3rd if you count the one that died a month after we got him). We (my husband and I) DO NOT want him to suffer. We will rather pay the money to have him put down, than to leave him to suffer till we can afford more tests. Please help us? Not even the SPCA wants to give us advice. We just don't know.I forgot to mention that he is not molting and also not cold. I forgot to mention that he is not molting. He is not cold either. We have a lamp next to him 24/7 keeping him warm.
  8. The first video is so cool! Thank you for sharing your finding with us! Awesome!
  9. I almost forgot to update! My apologies. We went camping. Took the warm water bottle with us and an electronic thermostat. We had two blankets over him and the bottle on the side. He did awesome. Even the long travelling didn't phase him. He was so cute. Everyone just adored him. He broke lots of hearts. The only down side to the whole trip was that the children teased him in his cage whenever they could. Whenever we spoke with them about it, we did so gently and telling them what they are allowed. They talked back and said "But we have a budgie and their bite doesn't hurt!" We told them we don't want him to learn to bite. I can't understand why parents can't take action themselves! Anyways... I don't think it went "down" that well with the parents that we dared to talk to their angels about a budgie of all things! So I think we made some enemies... Except for that, it all went just peachy and we are happy to be back.
  10. I will make sure we pack the warm water bottle for sure! Thank you for all the great advice. I will let you guys know how it all worked out.
  11. Elly, the camping is for four days, but we are leaving for Toronto on the 16th and will stay in a hotel till we get there (every night). In Toronto we will stay with friends, who wont mind the little guy. From Toronto onwards (that is from the 27th) we will leave for Waterton, and camp on the way down there till the 4th. The weather in Ontario is still O.K. It's when we reach the Alberta side of the world that we run into trouble. We like our policeman neighbour a lot, and he seems like a responsible guy. They have a dog as well. I just can't trust non-bird-people with Sunny for so long. Even thinking about it makes me cry. He gets lots of love and attention. Leaving him for more than half a month with someone who might forget about him even for a day, will just break my heart. I love him too much. I will rather go the extra mile making sure I ask the whole world for a warm spot for him at every camp site than leave him alone where I can not make contact with him or can not see if he is doing o.k. It will drive me nuts.
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