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  1. pimwalker


    It is good to see your enthusiasm in breeding budgies. Welcome. I use sawdust bought from a stock food place and mix it with unprocessed bran. The nest boxes are cleaned out every week. I would like to suggest you buy a book on breeding budgies and there are plenty on ebay, especiallly any written by Cyril Rogers, this book is my budgie bible. Another good book is written by John Scoble.
  2. I have the same problem with a hubby too. Having a disaster while we were away, friends offered to fix up my aviary and weather proof it and re lay the floor.......it is nearly finished and the same friends are going to build me a bigger and better aviary. Kaz may I ask who the contractor is that is putting up your breeding room? As for the breeding room I lost my patience and took over the garage.
  3. An english breeder of clearwings only breeds clearwings to dilutes, this keeps the wings clear of markings. A judge in Australia can disqualify a clearwing from this pairing as the cheek patches are a different colour from normal to clearwing pairing and clearwing to clearwing pairing. Im going to breed clearwing to dilute (that is when I can get a dilute) to see what happens on the show bench. I found clearwings in my sister;s aviary with pure white wings unfortunately they are too old to breed with. Nubbly your violet clearwing is beautiful.
  4. pimwalker

    2 Males

    Advice please. Would my budgie cock stop talking if I put another cock into the same cage? Or should I put a hen in with the cock. I dont want my budgie to stop chatting.
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