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  1. My daughter chose to have a parakeet themed birthday party. She's turning 6th on Saturday. She wants to have pin the tail on the parakeet. Cute idea huh? Can anyone think of any other budgie games? Or party favor ideas? I'm trying to get a parrot pinata with the ribbon pull kit so no bats in the house. It's winter here. Thanks for thinking on this.
  2. I'm sorry too. I know he had a great life and with his condition it was much longer than average. You did a phenomenal job.
  3. Wow, what an interesting thread this is. I just read all 12 pages. It was informative, sad and uplifting all at once. I'm so glad that Cirrus continues to thrive. He's amazing to see. I'm sorry he lost his pal shaggy and brother quill. But I was impressed with love and respect you gave them all. I'd love to see more pictures too. I'd love to hear him sing in his soft voice. Summer
  4. One of my parakeets has chronic loose stool. Her vent is always clean and she behaves normally. But in the morning her poo pile is kind of a loose mass and there is a wet ring around the poo pile. You can see formed poo it's just loose. This has been going on for months. Today I saw another loose poo pile. I'm wondering if she might have a parasite or something that is spreading. If I was flush I'd just take them in but I'm really really short on cash now. And they are acting fine. I do think that the first hen's loose poo also started when she went into breeding condition. I'm not sure though. My second hen is now going into breeding condition. Can that cause loose poo? Finally, are there any safe home treatments I can try on them? Thanks for reading. Summer
  5. I don't know either but he/she is quite adorable! :rofl:
  6. I'm guessing the light and dark splotches are normal pied pigment variations that you see on his cere. But I've noticed a yellowish tinge around the nostrils. Is that normal? He seems healthy and happy. He's my little sweetheart, Dave.
  7. Here's my daughter's first cartoon with my help.
  8. My daughter and loved looking at these. Here was her photo response to them...
  9. So cute! Those babies are just precious! I'd love to see them sleep cuddling without the bars too. Summer
  10. I love the new pictures! They look like they have a blast playing with their toys! I haven't been able to get any good new pictures of my guys. They stare at my camera like I'm a crazy woman. Summer
  11. Wow, thanks guys! I can't believe I won. Though really it was Shelfie and Dave who won, those crazy keets! I haven't seen them play like this is months. Maybe next spring they'll get silly again. But Shelfie seems to have fallen for Mr. Blue (aka Baby Blue). I'll have to catch up with how you guys are all doing. Summer
  12. I love the new photos. Georgeous!
  13. He is adorable! What a handsome guy!
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