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    Budgies, budgies and more budgies. okay I also bowl once a week (ten pin bowling that is).<br /><br />And if I get a chance I enjoy reading.
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  1. okay I have a male olive green budgie who is about 18months (got him from a colony breeder as a baby). Before he's first moult he had quite a purplish tinge near his vent region, and still has a slight purplish tinge. I am hoping to breed with him and I was wondering if he would be a double factor violet and if I breed him with a visual violet hen, would they produce violets? Thanks for any information anyone can supply!
  2. Hi MB, Just came across this ultrasound photo and my god how excited I am for you, I haven't had any sucess as yet but haven't been giving it a proper go if you know what I mean. Need to be keeping active (at the right time) if there's to be a result. Anyway good luck for the rest of your pregnancy and Celeste is just beautiful :rofl: already.
  3. OMG Jimmy I can't believe that was written so long ago, because I know I have said that exact thing and not very long ago either it was only last week.
  4. Just a note, if you using the same type of seed dispensing attachment as I am, I've discovered the the homebrand pickled onions from safeway is only $1.56 and there a nice large jar and they fit onto the plastic dispenser. I find this handy because I just pick up a couple every now and then whilst at the supermarket instead of having to wait until a show etc. I feel I little guitly when I empty the contents into the bin but I'm not a huge pickled onion eater and it was the cheapest item I could find in the supermarket with a large jar which fitted onto the plastic dispenser. Anyway hope this helps.
  5. Yep! Sorry Pippi I also would have said Italian, and to answer your question the 2 birds I lost were the yellow face grey whose tail was justing starting to grow and the normal cobolt blue or was it a sky, gee the catologue is in the birdroom and I can't remember for sure. But I diffinately still have the mauve, the violet, the green spangle, the albino and I can't think for the life of me what the last one is. Is getting late and my brain has gone into shut down.
  6. :sad: Well I did have 7 now only 5 , I did something I never normally do and because during the day without my knowledge my husband had organized for us to go out last night, to a friends for dinner, I left the birds in the show cages. We were orginally going to pop some cage fronts onto the cages we have built, but I told my husband as long as we get the birds into proper cages today as soon as possible, I would have to deal with it. Anyway earlier today I went to the bird room and they seemed to being doing fine. I decided to leave the door of the bird room open because it was a nice day and yes you guess it one of the doors on a show cage had come loose and when we had finished the cages I went to swap over the birds and one of the cages was empty :doh: . Thank God I didn't have the really big bucks to spend. I have wasted $120.00 but I have to look on the bright side and be glad because it wasn't a lot more. Big lesson lent!!!
  7. Hey Jimmy, At the begining of the auction catologe there's a Breeder Profile and Jeff Lloyd is mentioned as to whether there are any more I couldn't tell you.
  8. Well I've decided tomorrow is the day to update with some new photos, because I finally feel I have time, so by tomorrow evening you'll be able to see some progress.
  9. okay you've just set me a goal of getting photos of the 7 birds I bought onto this post tomorrow, kinda a bit dark and would scare the cr*p out of the birds if I went out to the bird room now, to take some not so happy shots.
  10. Jimmy you mean I was sitting right beside you for quite sometime and did even realise who you were!! Yeah I was the scary woman in the hot pink top, who thought your little boy was lost. And Snowy I'm sorry you must have come to the food counter at the wrong time, because AV and myself were behind the food counter quite a bit today and obvious AV would know who she is, and I certainly would realise who'd you meant, but if you happen to have asked Ron or Sylvia they wouldn't have, so just bad luck. It disappointing because it great to put faces to some of the members of this forum. Anyway I had a great day, pick up 7 birds and can wait till is time to pair up. I've got about 65 all up now, so more than enough to choose from.
  11. Hi guys, I thought it was quite common for budgies to pluck dead budgies, and thats why some breeders put some forms of meat into their avairy occassionly, so is it possible that the cock died before the scalping started :party0011: . :party0011: Sorry for my absence from the forum, but as a home based day carer the school holidays mean 7 kids everyday, so needless to say a very, very busy time of year for me!
  12. Yeah now I think of it I have never seen any of the avairy birds even at the water let alone drinking it, but the birds in the breeding cabinets are a little different, the ones with babies seem to drink quite a bit even infront of me and there's other I've seen drinking just generally, but not the avairy birds.
  13. I'm so glad I asked you about the nesting material, as I had never heard of pete moss being used before and it's great to get ideas of how other members breed their budgies.
  14. I know how heart broken you must feel because I only had my little "Smiggle" inside for about a month and he was sooo friendly and smoochy and then he just died, he did have a very slight wheeze but no tail bobbing and no other symtoms, but he was obvious alot sicker than I realized and it was hard not to blame myself for not picking up on it, but sometimes things just happen. So I'm also sending big hugs your way .
  15. So just wondering exactly whats meant to be wrong with it . Is it the layering of beak thats the concern because I have a few budgies who have beaks like that and I just thought is was a part of the grow of the beak? Of course I may be very wrong, I don't think I've helped you out here at all, anyone else with any opinions?
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