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  1. hi i have currently 8 cages full of budgies, and getting another 8 for $40.00 (bargain) on the weekend. i dont know what to do. i think it is cruel to leave the budgies in the budgie breeding cabinets forever. my dad was going to build an aviary ( will my budgies start dyng in the cold of winter in an aviary). should i leave them in the cabinets permanantly. OR. should i, after they have bred and raised chicks ?how many times? put them in aviary for a while (how long to rest) and choose a new pair that are ready to breed again /or keep the same pair if good together, does it really matter. is their another way. what process do you go through. please help me. im having no problem breeding the birds, just resting what should i do. cameron
  2. Thanks very much for that.. It will be great if I can download it.. Thanks again.. hi but i cant seem to download the program agian. it only downloads a little bit, says it is complete, and then it says file corrupted. and now i cant even find File1,2,3 download links. please help me thanks
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