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  1. I have a hen sitting on 6 eggs, so far I have left her alone except for the odd check in the box but I decided to candle the eggs and they are all clear My question is how long do I let her sit on them and how do I go about removing them, can I just take them and see if she will go again or will she eventually reject them herself?????
  2. hey guys I am having a problem with the link to "ravengypsy's colour and mutation guide" I have tried to get it from the FAQ secion and he original post, it keeps coming up with a link to something else, was wondering if anybody else is having his problem?
  3. hey fero I personally wouldn't, if you are going to mix birds it is better to keep birds that are about the same size, a cockatoo is very big and could easliy kill your budgies if it got upset.
  4. here are some better pics of the babies (natural light no flash) chick 1 chick 2 and chick 3
  5. No he/she seems happy and healthy and when the cere turned completely blue the first time and stayed that way for ages i figured I would let it be.
  6. I think so, the cere is pale blue, but does that mean that it can't be a TCB, I can never fully remember the rules with sex linged genes :sadsorry:
  7. Jordan's babies seem to be doing great now, the new feathers are coming in nicely, I think i have an opaline hen (she wouldn't sit still enough for a picture) a TCB cock and a dark green something, I am not sure on the sex of the last one yet. Here are a couple of updated pics, (they are not the best i am afraid) this little guy/girl is still abit ragged around the edges but hopefully with his/her first molt they will smooth out some I really like the TCB boy he is so cute :sadsorry:
  8. Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I was out feeding the birds and checking them over as I do, I looked them all over and had to do a double take when I came to Kit, the cere is turning brown :sadsorry: okay this is abit strange so I have kept an eye on Kit for the last couple of weeks and watched it changing colour. I was out there today and it looks just like it did in the shop so I took a picture to show you what I mean up close it is not completely brown, there is still tinges of blue at the top. I think i have 1 very confused budgie
  9. tahnks guys, I was wondering if thats what they are when I saw a picture of another members birds and they looked so similar, so that means dad must be split for it then.
  10. Thanks for that Kaz, very interesting. so far chicks 1 and 2 look to be growing back normal feathers and doing well, chick 3 is growing back feathers but they are really ratty. I don't know if it will help but the diet that the parents were getting was their normal seed mix, soaked hulled oats, some pellet crumble (but I don't think they really ate much of that), and vegies which included Bokchoy, grated carrot, bean, radish and alfalfa sprouts, brussel sprouts, boccoli, sweet corn, parsely and basil. I didn't give any vitamin supplements during this time as I read somewhere that they can have too much which isn't good for the chicks. I have 2 hens laying at the moment so if you can see anything wrong with the above diet please let me know so I can make changes if need be. Thanks everyone for their support and help, I will keep you updated on the babies and the grow
  11. yeah they are definately black
  12. I just posted some pics of the babies in the health section due to the feather problems but would really like for some on the take a stab at what the first 2 are, I know they are opalines but the body colour has me stumped, mum is a green normal and dad is a greygreen greywing opaline, (he is not the best greygreen I have seen) but chicks 1 and 2 are much more of a yellow colour, not the bright yellow of a lutino but a just yellow I can't really describe it better than that, sorry. anyway here are a couple of pics, see what you think and let me know
  13. Hi all sorry it has taken so long but I have finally got pics of the babies, I took a real ood look at them and it seems tat they are growing back a whole heap of their feathers but this is what they look like now chick 3 this one lost most of his body feathers but seems to be growing them back, same with the wings, he didn't lose the tail feathers they just got really ratty so hopefully when he molts they will come back okay. chick 2 she has lost all but one flight feather on one wing but none on the other, and some body fethers on her chest and above her tail but looks like she is growing them back. and chick 1 who seems fine and is growing back her tail feathers sorry if that is to many pics, I am not sure how many you are allowed in one post. So with the feathers growing back I am hoping that it isn't that PBFD that Kaz suggested, whatever that is (Kaz if you can tell me what it is and what causes it that would be great)
  14. Yeah I think that will be the way to go, I nearly got the mum of the kittens but she was just abit to quick for me.
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