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  1. You asked if anyone had pictures of a Sky Blue Yellowface Greywing... yes, they are possible and here is a picture of one of mime.
  2. DAZ - Thank you for the info DAZ. I have one question though, if all chicks are going to be Green Greywing then how do I know what ones are yellowface because Green birds have yellowfaces anyway?? I'm a little confused on that part. Also buy the pictures I provided do you agree with the mutations on these two birds?
  3. Above are just my guesses and without seeing photos of the back of the birds I did the best I could. I'm interested to sseing what others have to say.
  4. The pictures you have posted are not spangles... they both look to be NORMALS??? The father looks to be normal sky blue and the mother is a normal cobalt blue. So the reason you didn't get spangle babies is because you don't have spangle parents.
  5. Sorry it took so long, my photography skills bundled with Harry being camera shy is challenging. Hope this is what you want. He won't let me touch him, he travels around on a stick, jumps on quite happily, while I take him out of the cage, but my hand freaks him out, so I just use the stick. - Robyn I'm gonna guess and say this is a Goldenface Double Facotor Dominant Pied Cobalt Blue Cock. I also think he is older than suggested. The amount of development of the iris ring is more than just 4 months old. I'm gonna say closer to 8-10 months old? This is just my opinion, but wanted to comment, either way this is a beautiful bird... wish he was mine!! )
  6. I have a very "eager" Yellowface Greywing Sky Blue Cock and Green Dilute Hen that I have decided to give a first try with and I was wondering what kind of chicks I can expect from them. I'm not certain if I have their mutations right or not. Here are photos of the pair maybe you all can correct me if I'm wrong and let me know what I'll get from them. (I did use a flash on these two pics, but all in all the colors are still very close, both just very soft pale colors). Thanks Chrissy
  7. I know JB, it's been a while.... I had so many clutches hatch all at once back in January and February that I needed to take a break for a bit. Trying to be a "responsible" breeder and not over step my means. I was hoping for a male out of this clutch and would give the parents a 'second go round" but they already had a second go round and to my dismay also had a 3rd go round while the 2nd clutch was still in the box (the chicks were only 11 days old when she started laying again) so I had to seperate them as soon as possible and let dad finish raising the third clutch of chicks to prevent over breeding this pair. I have to wait now to try again. ( That was kinda my thought Jenn. She/he seems to have alot of blue/purple and I thought maybe it was the "change over" look for the males, but I guess not. Maybe a few more weeks will tell me other wise, but for now I'm gonna go with the majority vote and accept that I didn't get my male I needed. Thanks for the imput.
  8. Thank you. I was hoping one was a boy, but I thought I just might have two hens. Thank you again.
  9. The second one I'm almost certain it's a girl, but the first one I'm not certain of... can someone confirm both for me please? No flash was used on these pics. One was born 3/21/09 and the other was born 4/4/09. Thank you
  10. I think it would be best to say the END color will not be a blue or geen. But the base starting color IS either sky blue or cobalt blue. The yellowface gene bleeds the body color resulting in a green colored bird. (Yellow and blue make green). Seeing the pics of your chick from the begining it's no doubt it is a blue series bird (I'd agree Cobalt). I'd just wait to see what the face turns out to be after the molt and go from there. Good luck, can't wait to see pics then!!!!
  11. okay Pearce thanks. I'll wait to see what the others say. I'm gonna try to take better pics tomorrow (making sure there is no flash on any of them and better straight on shots) and maybe that will help.
  12. okay so if hes moult is not over yet then their is a chance his yellow will get brighter.I believe A green bird can still get the yellowface gene just like any other bird. But its too hard to tell if he has it or not without breeding because his face is yellow anyway, its the way green is. I would also like someone to confirm this. I'm gonna suggest checking under his wings to see if there is any blue. If you see blue under the wings he is a blue series bird, if not he is a green bird. As for the yellowface, I would agree to wait for molt and see how bright the face is. I still think it's a blue series bird, but after seeing pearce's pictures of the Goldenface vs. Yellowface... I'm gonna stick with Yellowface II Sky Blue. I look forward to hearing what the others think.
  13. No flash... natural sunlight, I think. Here is another photo I know for sure I didn't use flash for.
  14. You may be right about that pearce... I may have misunderstood and thought they couldn't be YFII but what was said is that you couldn't SEE that they were YFII... I'd be intersted in someone confirming which is correct. Here are two of mine... I believe this is a Goldenface Dominant Pied Sky Blue Cock. I know he is sky blue because it has been proven through breeding him to a sky blue dominant pied hen and got all sky blue chicks. This one I believe is a Yellowface II Greywing Sky Blue Cock. I know he is sky blue because it has been proven through breeing him to an Opaline Mauve hen and got all cobalt chicks. Both being blue series birds... one goldenface and one yellowface II.
  15. I'll try a better photo tomorrow for the third chick. In stating that they look like hens can you tell me what you personally are looking at to make you think that? Also how can you tell on the first chick? Why does the cere on this chick (and some of my others) have black on it? I've seen it on the beaks and was told that is good (means they got good nutrition) but never saw or heard of them getting black on the cere??
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