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  1. Hi, our other budgie died yesterday and now we just have one. We don't want to take yet another bird so we'd like to re-home him... He's never been alone and he's also used to being able to get out of the cage and fly (but he's not very tame) so I suppose an aviary would be a good solution. The other bird was only 5 years old, but I haven't managed to think of a reason why he died. He seemed completely normal up until I found him on the floor of their cage when i came home from work. Questions: - How long should I wait before giving the other one away, what do you think is the quarantine time here? I'm feeling sorry for the lonely *******... He's a rather active little thing, even a bit bossy but very timid without other bird company. -What do you find is the best, most reliable way to re-home your pets safely? If there is someone here with a good reputation, known to be "real", and is interested, please let me know He's light yellow and blueish gray with clear black markings . He's 2,5 years old. (We live in the Sutherland shire, southeast Sydney.) Thanks!
  2. Great pics! Looks like they are having a good time. Punchy doing his trademark hunch.... (When we first got him, all he did was puffing and hunching, hence "Punchy"... Lego seems to be telling someone off in one of the pics Somehow really funny to see them with all those other birds.
  3. They've been a couple of days in the aviary now, is that right? How are they doing? When you have time, would love to see some photos of them there with all those other birds. Thanks again for offering them a new home, dave!
  4. The aviary looks great, Dave!!
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