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  1. Hi there, I am just wondering if Lemon Tree branches and leaves are safe for Rainbow Lorikeets? Thanks
  2. Thanks heaps ,Haha I shall have to change his name then
  3. Thanks do any of you know what mutations they are ?
  4. Pictures have been posted in Budgie pictures My Flock Hope You like
  5. Thought id just share some pictures of my current flock This is My aviary My current breeding pair ... Goldie and Bastion Sunny Demetri , My beautiful YF grey <3 Teala Rainbow Lily Shota Castiel Lacey, Could someone please tell me what she is ? Aprille, Best breeder ive had , Opal Syd, My first budgie ever, hes about 6 years old Star, Sunnys daughter Lacey again My Bourke Rosa Group shot The bottom of my aviary And lastly My cheeky rainbow lorikeet Bubba Hope you like Would be great to know some of their mutations too If someone could tell me Thanks
  6. Haha partying did come across my mind but i thought y waste money on alcohol when i could use that money for budgie things I bought a new nesting box and breeding material for my pair .They've been in there for 2 days and are already inspecting the box and showing signs of breeding Rochelle : Haha tht was like me when i started off , started with one then eventually my flock kept on growing haha. I will hopefully post up some pictures later on today , Thanks everyone
  7. Wow! Its been about 4 yrs since i was last on here, was only 14 back then ! I have 14 budgies now in an outside aviary and have only just recently put a pair together to begin breeding again . My parents have gone to the UK for 5 weeks and was getting quite bored so thought i might start up my old hobby again and boy have i missed it My pair i have put together are : Bastion - Blue and white dominant pied cock Goldie - Gf Green opaline hen Only pet types and abrox 2 yrs old. Thanks
  8. i was meaning to fix the wiring after ive got caught on it several times too lol, thanks will do that
  9. the grey hen is this one, sorry realised had a picture of the wrong grey. she is an opaline right?
  10. Hi, just thought id post some pics of my updated aviary, instead of having a huge 2 sided aviary i closed off quarter of one aviary so they have 1 whole aviary and a quarter as their flight. hard to see in pics. i now have room to put in some breeding cages now finally! anyway i was wondering what my yf grey cock and my opaline grey hen would produce? Thanks
  11. brittanya932

    New Pup

    hm well my two boy dogs are called finn and 'odie' like off garfield. what about otis, milo, mocha, meesha, benji, kujo lol maybe you could give her/him a name that suits personality?
  12. awwwwwwww what a cutie and love the name
  13. okay thanks for the advice, I didnt think that poo would be able to get into an egg.Thanks for the info and i will start doing that now,
  14. okay thanks alot for all your help. Brittany
  15. The babys head was pinkish not very though, no bleeding and its back was purple. Thabks alot
  16. Thanks alot, That makes me feel a better. I have only just read up on candeling which i will start doing from now on. Is there a certain torch/light i need to use. Thanks Brittany
  17. HI there, Today i decided to take out the eggs in some of the breeding boxes. Aprille had laid 10 eggs and chucked out 4 of these after about 2 weeks incubation, these eggs were not fertile. . She then sat on and off the remainding 4 eggs and notthing happened so i left them in their for about another 1-2 weeks and they eventualy went cold. I took them out and 2 of them looked to be fertile but they all had cracks in them so i figured the babies if there were any would be dead so i buried the eggs. I have another budgie that has one 3 week old baby and a 2 week old.there were 5 eggs left over really pooyand cold so i took them out and cracked open 4 of them which were yolk but the last one was a baby . It felt cold but it looked like a baby that wouldve hatched any day. I feel so guilty. I dont know how could this be when that egg wouldve been sitting in the nest for over 5 weeks and still hadnt hatched. I now wish i shouldve left it. Ive also had something similar happen to my cockatiels when theyve left their eggs for weeks and then i removed them and their was a baby. I feel so Bad! Could the baby have died a while a go and it wasnt me that did it?
  18. Hi there, does anyone know what the outcome of my two pairings would be... 1. yellow face 1 cobalt blue opaline cock and a skyblue opaline hen? 2. Skyblue and yellow faced dominant pied cock and greygreen butmosly yellow dominant pied hen? Also for a couple of months ive had a pair of 'gay' hens... They have been fedding each other cuddling up to each other and have laid 10 eggs, i thought that they would be infertile but today i found a baby.. I know that they are definetely both girls as theyve both had babies before with previous partners, I have now seperated these two girls but i feel like i should put them back together as they keep on regurgitating food to each other through the wire. Any ideas?
  19. welcome, im from nz too but live in the north island. look forward to pics!!!!!
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