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  1. Just wonderful to see a dear so close to your houses ..thank you for sharing with us a beautiful picture of a buck ............Awesomeeee John & Swanacilli
  2. bullett54

    Hi All

    Hi and a big welcome to you JSAM your very right about these forums and the people who are here are what makes it so good ,,,very freindly , and interested in you and your budgies which is great to see and they certainly have a wealth of knowlege as iam sure you do too and will help in any way you can to booster the knowlege of these forums , hope to hear from you again soon JSAM ...regards John & Swanacilli
  3. Hi Vixen he looks beautiful and we are only new here on the site too ...so we would like to welcome you on here and you will find everyone very helpful so dont hesitate to ask questions as you are doing ....... its takes a while foe them to adjust to you and them to you ......patience is good we look forward to hearing more from you and your budgie ......John & Swanacilli
  4. Yes i totally agree with you Liv hes spoit and the sleeping in the cage is the only time he spends in there .......when hes awake hes a full on kind of Guy ....lol very active and never shuts up !!!!!!! well sometimes hes preening .....lol but most of the time hes full on doing stuff ......thats why we love him so much he ....coughs exactly like Swanacilli .....hes says Cheekie Boi! Boi!! Boi!!!....he SAYS .. ... Mummy Gahan.......Daddy Gahan....Jessie Gahan our Dog ...And of course Cheekie Gahan ...lol and hes says Bless You ....come here ... Give us a Kiss .... and learning everyday he never been covered at night and talked too hes always been talked to off the finger or on the shoulder basically anytime of the day he gets talked to he loves music and hes only 8 months old , hes started talking about 3 months of age we got him about 8 weeks of age he was so quite and cute... and hes not quite now but still CUTE !!!!!! LOL some more pics of Cheekie Boi!!!!! http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q401/bu...INTHECLOVER.jpg
  5. Oh thank you for your comments hes never in this cage for very long at a time............ he has the freedom to go where he wants with us........ hes never on his own much at all he has toys as you can see......... plus if you new my wife and myself hes always with us never on his own .......goes outside with us hes part of our family hes not a Bird really !!!!!!! we would never be cruel or harm an animal in anyway the only time he in this cage for any lengh of time is when he sleeps and he sleeps right next to our bed ........he is very precious to us , the love he has shown us is increadable and love he receives is the same the table his cage sits on has a small log on it which he climbs onto he has another play toy he gets up on and talks to us on, and he also sits on his cuttlefish and talks to us as well he listens to music with us constantly i sing regularly he dances and talks while the music is playing. Cheekie Boi!!!!!! is not just a bird hes our companion and one of our loves of our lives if this bird wasnt happy iam sure he wouldnt be the personality he is ...................WE LOVE OUR CHEEKIE BOI!!!!!!!! more than anyone could imagine John & Swanacilli
  6. Hi there are a few questions i would like to ask on feeding our budgies ...... should they be feed nearer the ground or higher up ? I know budgies in the wild would fly to the ground to get seeds but in an Aviary i was wondering whether it should be lower or higher up same with the water not sure ? Dont want to attract mice or rats and if the Rain came in.... and the seed was on the ground it would all get wet ?
  7. These babies are just beautiful Maesie we can imagine how thrilled you are....and that smile you have on your face will be permanate for sure ....lol and why not !!!!!!!! thats what we say we would be smiling too .....and we are for you many happy times for you and your beautiful flock ........John & Swanacilli
  8. Thank you all for your kind comments on our Cheekie Boi !!!!!! we certainly would like to get to know you all as well take care all ...................John & Swanacilli
  9. Awwwww...... oh thank you both for your replys .hes very precious to us hes so amazing at talking and has a real personality to match he has shown us so much love..... and of course he has received it from us so i guess thats what you recieve back from him .............. he does have violet colouring coming from his feathers its not being picked up with the picture.....
  10. Hi all i did post a picture of Cheekie Boi!!!! awhile ago i forgot to ask his gene ..lol could someone help me please we love him heaps hes a very special Boi !!!!! heres his latest picture
  11. AWWWWWWWWW Ty you Kaz for your kind comment yes iam looking forward to them all having babies.........
  12. okay Nerwen thank you so much for your comment ....well i like them all ....lol
  13. okay thank you so much for your help........ Neat
  14. Very nice birds Sunnie you have a good selection there happy breeding ........John & Swanacilli
  15. So we have a female spangle and a male colbalt is that the verdict ....lol are these Popular birds or are they hard to find ? just wonderring .....
  16. Lol i need him too much he sure is cute !!!!!! and shes beautiful too....so we going to have a mixture .........so are the pair good Gene line budgies for breeding ...... are these birds we have hard to get hold of or are they common ? because i have no idea as to what is popular with breeders or what isnt ....lol newbie here just wanting some clues on what colours to breed or genes to have to breed with .iam fasinated in the beautiful colours and the characteristics of the birds its truly wonderful to observe them all.............. John & Swanacilli
  17. Finally got the size right thank you for your help in sorting my posts out iam very appreciative .........John
  18. These are just beautiful neat we can see you smiling from ear to ear from here ...lol well done ................
  19. Sorry i tryed to give a back shot with last post it didnt work my messy posting again ...lol here is i hope pics of their backs .... thank you for your comments already iam very excited about what you think of them and what babies they will have ................ http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q401/bu.../Buxtonpic1.jpg
  20. Would like to introduce you to our new pair ..........Bonita & Buxton ....would love to know from you kind people who know about budgies .....what these two are colour wise and what babes we would get from them ................ look forward to hearing your replys John & Swanacilli
  21. Thank you so much for all your comments you all are so very helpfull .....truly appreciated John & Swanacilli
  22. This is very informative very well set out thank you for sharing Karen ...........
  23. Thanks Deb, Libby and Jodie for your comments we will see what further eventuates ... lol in our household
  24. Yes i understand with the nest boxes i have three nest boxes to one pair now so i need to do the same with the others ............ i will get some wood shavings and some dust as well appreciate your help thank you so much...John
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