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  1. Yes they have been in Quarantine for over 30 days they come from a recognized breeder in NSW ....... the hen and the male have been flying around and kissing and feeding eachother since they were introduced to the Aviary ,she seemes to puff up like that every now and then ive been watching her constantly she doesnt seem to be doing it for long periods...... has no runny poo or anything like that ....but thanks for your concerns Kaz i will keep and eye on her like you say ..its still cold here in NSW they are all covered up at night from wind so iam not sure what if anything is going on with her or not ............John & Swanacilli
  2. It makes a difference having the right people on forums such as this and especially the ones like the admins, moderators ect.....all those ones behind the scenes that run these sites ........... you are truly appreciated here ......all the help we have received on here has been wonderful many thanks from John & Swanacilli ....
  3. Lol Neat you not going all out to make a firm observation lol ....i was told the female was cinnimon and the male is split grey/greeen the camera hasnt picked the colour of the hen she is lighter colour and not as grey /green as him the camera is not showing their true colours ..hmmmmmmmmmm oh well we will see what other comments we get .......... and thank you Cara for your nice comment...........
  4. Hi everyone just wanted to introduce our latest additions ........ we brought them from a breeder just wanted your thoughts on them and what babies would be our result .
  5. Thats so beautiful Jenene what a lucky girl and such a loving gesture on your part ,it makes the heart rejoice to hear of and find there are still some caring and loving people around in this crazy world we live in...... to share with others such kindess from your heart truly wonderful regards John & Swanacilli
  6. Wow Maesie thats great news and your play gym is wonderful we are so happy for you and your tribe ..lol sounds like you have yourself some great companions for a long time .....and the journals sound great, look forward to reading them and learning heaps ......well done Maesie hugsss John & Swanacilli
  7. Thats really nice of you to do that Angelic iam sure the lady really appreciates your help and the kids will have a real good young bird tamed rather than try and deal with an older bird which is not what they wanted in the first place............. hope it all goes well John & Swanacilli
  8. Thank you for your comments Angelic and Maesie for showing that picture ...reallly do appreciate all your help and advise ,congrats on your eggs as well Angelic and what a wonderful site to see the egg half out being laid .wow hope it all goes well for you regards John & Swanacilli
  9. He He......... now Iam a novice please dont laugh smiling here ............... very exciting news for you Angelic Vampyre about your two tame budgies,,,, the term .... egg bum!! iam guessing it means ready to lay eggs ....and how do we know what an egg bum looks like .... lol iam interested cause our two pairs are looking in their nest boxes and iam wondering how i can tell wheather they have a egg bum or not hmmmmmmmmmm could someone explain please ..........
  10. Wonderful news for you Jenene this is going to be an exciting few weeks for you, they both look a great pair, so your babies will be for sure congrats.John & Swanacilli
  11. okay thank you ...i didnt explain myself to well sorry i got the sand from a sand and gravel merchant there sand would already be washed wouldnt it ? i will wash it just to make sure thank you for you comments.........
  12. Hi all just was wondering about beach sand i have some left over from doing some small concrete jobs is it okay to put in my Aviary for the birds i know cutterfish is okay and shellgrit just wondered about beach sand if anyone could help i would appreciate it thank you .....John & Swanacilli
  13. They all look great Liv i think you have paired them off well hoping you have some very good results and healthy babies ..........John & Swanacilli
  14. Great news for you Maesie iam sure your very happy about that and we all smiling and happy for you here hugsssssssss John & Swanacilli .
  15. Oh !!!!! arent they all just beautifulllllllllllllll iam not saying what i think ...lol being the learner here ............just wonderful pictures and what beautiful birds Maesie well done...John & Swanacilli
  16. Thanks Neat great post this is very interesting reading and iam sure its all been tryed and tested so must work ....appreciate your post on this thanks John & Swanacilli
  17. Too funny Neat yes and i guess i Qualify as well lol
  18. Oh its so beautiful Jenene iam sure this little girl is going to love this present .........just a pretty little bird too ...........too cute
  19. Just beautiful Kaz what a lovely pair hope all goes well with your pairing of them and you get some wonderful results ........John & Swanacilli
  20. Oh Neat you started something now girl................lol well when i was about 10 i wanted to be a Doctor .........lol but i realized i wasnt that brainy .....so i become a Painter & Decorator instead and 35 years down the track .......finished with the painting just enjoying life with my beautiful wife and our wildlife around us our pet budgie Cheekie Boi!!!! Jessie our beautiful German Shepard x Kelpie and of course our new arrivals......... our budgie breeding pairs ...............
  21. Awwwwwwwwwwwww so sorry Jenene for your little one dying it must be frustrating when you try to do the right thing and something like this happens......sometimes we have no control over what happens it just happens but i guess the main thing is you tryed and can only hope everything goes well for the rest of them .......regards John & Swanacilli
  22. Very excited for you Jenene Major Mitchells are beautiful birds .and it sems like they all wanting to start breeding at once .hope eveything goes well for you cant wait to see pics .........John & Swanacilli
  23. Wonderful bird........ Neat you are a ...sucker!!!!! for birds like we all are ...lol he was there just waiting for you to take him ....or her home you will have a lot of fun and pleasure from it ...i used to breed peachfaces a long time ago i had a couple of masks like this one .i had a hand tamed peachface out of the the nest when he was young he was very tame and had his on personality .like a lot of them do ....lol... and yes just watch out for the beak they can inflict a nasty bite if they want too.... small parrot mix is what i feed mine cockateils eat the same mix and so do these have fun ......John & Swanacilli
  24. Well thats wonderful seems like he spoils you a lot .......and iam sure he gets the same treatmeant congrats .and iam sure you will be able to fill the wagon and the tralier up with some budgies ........lol
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