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  1. AlissaDee your top picture of that first Budgie lightgreen opline spangle his is just stunning his colour is Awesomeeeee and your others birds are beautiful too regards John & Swanacilli
  2. Renee its a credit to you to have such a wonderful setup very impressive you and your husband have worked very hard to have a setup up such as yours.... wonderful to see you lookafter your budgies very well so i say hats off to you and your hubbie and thank you for sharing with us your wonderful pics regards John & Swanacilli.
  3. Oh thats great news so glad you found where he was hiding and it certainly must have been worring for you so glad everything worked out well for you regards John & Swanacilli
  4. Welcome Matt you have some wonderful looking budgies my freind and you did great with your pics look forward to seeing and hearing more from you Regards John & Swanacilli
  5. Thank you all very much for your advise and receipes will try all at different times and see which ones they like .....appreciate your help thanks John & Swanacilli ...
  6. Hi all was wondering is it possible to make our own Egg & Biscuit Mix for our birds and what quanities would we use if it is possible would like some help please ...and how often we can feed them with it as well ? John & Swanacilli
  7. Best wishes on your wedding day ....MB may your day be a wonderful day and the rest of your life ahead regards John & Swanacilli .......
  8. Sorry to hear you have a migraine Maesie .i wouldnt wish one on anyone take care rest up and get some sleep and you will be on deck in know time...and you will be ready for this big challenge when your both are ready big hugsss from John & Swanacilli ...
  9. Congrats on your new birds Neat they look beautiful and hope you have many babies and do well with them regards John & Swanacilli
  10. okay ladies its all or nothing heheheh have a great night and enjoy the fun and games iam going to try and stay with you for awhile lol good luck the both of you hugsss John and Swanacilli.
  11. Sorry to hear about the loss of your little bub Denise.... you tryed so hard to save it too well done for your efforts....hopfully next clutch will go better regards John & Swanacilli .
  12. Yes i will have to agree with all the comments ...Libby its truly a Blessing to have such a caring and thoughtfull lady with us all here ..as well as all the other ladies and gents who give such great info and helpfull advise hats off to you all ...regards John & Swanacilli
  13. bullett54

    Avairy Make Over

    Way to go Neat iam sure you will make your Aviary suit your needs for your budgies, and make it to your own satisfaction ......good luck with it and waiting for your progress pictures ..lol regards .... John & Swanacilli
  14. Well i hope both of your plans and Avairies turn out the way you want them too ,,good luck with the building of them and cant wait to see both your pictures with the progress of your Avairies...John & Swanacilli
  15. LOL its great reading these Quotes from Neat hahahah .........and you certainly have some beautiful birds Brittany ..........can you send some our way heheheheh John & Swanacilli
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Norm i knew i get a reaction from someone hehheeh well Norm .you probably taught them everything they know lol... now they are letting eveyone know what you have taught them hahahahah John & Swanacilli
  17. way to go Maesie and Neat this will be interesting cant wait to see what happens and what your going to say and talk about hahahahah........could be very interesting we dont know you ladies all that well but what we have come to know of you both so far is that you both are very.. SWEET!!!!! and INNOCENT!!!!! LOL.......... and always there to help anyone that needs it on here ....so whoever wins wont change our impressions of you both so GO FOR IT GIRLS .....................going to watch with interest ....hehehhe John&SwanacilliYes exactly Liv we will need to know both are still awake ....hahaha so what time do you kick this off ?its saturday but what time ? i wonder whos going to saty awake to find out whos won ?Der i just seen the time hahaha see i didnt read it all properly lol but you both will have a lot of fun iam sure we will be try and join in as long as we can LOL ..
  18. Wow Libby such a beautiful thing to share with us a way of saving any babies that we may have that need some help ,thank you so much for this informative info and this Awesomeee video...i certainly woudnt be afraid to do what you did... to save a little helpless babe like that would truly be an amazing feeling to be able to do this ..very nice of you Libby to share this with all of us on here .........Regards John & Swanacilli
  19. bullett54

    Meet Rusky

    Hi and wecome KitKat he sure is a cutie ......just be patient and loving to him he will settle for you and become a great companion......and hopefully talk for you ....and a younger one would have been a bit easier for you to start with,........... but iam sure thats what you wanted in the first place.....but he will iam sure give you loads of happeness and hours of joy likes ours have Regards John & Swanacilli.
  20. That was very clever chatting from charlie its a nice feeling to have your budgie talk back to you ............ we have a pet budgie called Cheekie Boi he says some wonderful things my wife and i have taught him ...hes only nine months old but he has such an amazing personality and just part of the family ............... he picks up our words we say very quickly ..Regards John & Swanacilli
  21. Ha ha Neat mines ... Oh My Pa Pa.... By Eddie Fisher now you youngsters wouldnt know the song or the singer .....lol or do you ? shows your age is right ...heheheheh Sunnie ....
  22. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ............CONGRATULATIONS Rusty59 they look absolutely beautifullllllllllllllll and so cuddly great pics and you have a wonderful smile on your face iam sure ...we have for ya John & Swanacilli
  23. Yes i would say a Boy !!! then girl ........lol but what would i know .....lol but iam learning i am reading a lot what more can i say hahahahh whatever they are they just beautifullllllllllllllllll.....John & Swanacilli
  24. Oh yes they have rings der i wasnt thinking about everything the breeder said to me ......... thanks Sunnie yes iam sure they are old enough ... oh i remember the man saying something about the rings on there legs ...lol but i guess i was just interested in the birds ......heeheheheh
  25. I was told by the breeder Kaz the Male is over twelve months old and the female is two years old ...ive have no idea iam a novice .thats why i went to i breeder for the right information .....i asked him for a breeding age pairs of birds and these were two that caught my eye i have a beautiful picture of them together
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