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  1. Very good advice! Many topics have been dedicated to soluble additives, remember the Search function is your Friend! Thank you both for you suggestions really appreciate it .......Regards John
  2. Hi everyone havent made any posts for a long while been extremely busy just wanted to ask if i could get some viewpoints on adding supplements to my budgies drinking water that has the Avi-Cal in the water already other additives .....organic or Naturals cider vinegar Melrose brand and also Sulphadin ...would they all be okay to mix in the drinking water ... would appreciate some of your advise thank you.
  3. Thank you so much Kaz ...appreicate it very much John & Swanacilli.
  4. Hi everyone just a question on worming and mite treatment for my budgies ......How old would a young budgie have to be ?........... to give the all in one treatment on the back of the neck for worms and mites .
  5. Levi is a beautiful Budgie and you sound so proud and happy and iam sure he will bring you many days of joy and happiness he wil be spoilt iam sure congrats .....great pics of Levi too John & Swanacilli .
  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Ty Thank You Elly he surly does work in many wonderful ways, and our Boy is handsome too ...lol hes going to give our many hours of enjoyment and love just like he will get from us .
  7. Thank you everyone yes thats him alright , it truly is amazing we cant believe it either but we are so grateful for him surviving and iam sure hes going to give us a lot of pleasure , we have two albinos two like the father and this little presure gem .Liv no we didnt do anything to treat it we just prayed he would be okay because it just happened all of a sudden and well i thought it may go away the same way as it started and sure enough it did very pleased and thankful.
  8. These are the little ones i posted that were all together in a basket earlier last week , now this first picture is the baby that had the swollen crop or air sac , wow are we so gad hes okay look at this bird hes different than his other brothers and sisters lol could someone tell us what he could be please he may not be anything special but hes special to us lol . http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q401/bu...utofnestN02.jpg these are the other ones very different we love them all to bits hope you like them too , John & swanacilli.
  9. okay thank you it was just new to me , cause none of my others have done that at all just to feed mum well ill just hope all is well and the babies all hatch out without any dramas thank you . John & Swanacilli
  10. Very beautiful you must be so proud Maesie they are just so cute lovely pics my dear ....John & Swanacilli
  11. Is it normal for male to stay with female in box with her eggs , he feeds her sometimes but other times just sits there with her i am worried about him breaking the eggs or eating them , am i overacting ? would love feedback please thank you John & Swanacilli .She has five eggs i dont think shes going to lay any more.
  12. Hi all just wanted to share with you our first lot of babies said i would post some pics ,we are delighted with them all so proud of the parents as well doing a great job rearing these little ones. John & Swanacilli.
  13. Thank you all for your kind comments i will have some more who ar epairing up for you all to have a look at in the next few days . John & Swanacilli
  14. The baby is doing fine now thank you all for your kind comments and concerns ,they are all doing fine i will post some pics as soon as i can on the babies .
  15. Hi all just wanted to ask what Gene would these two be please they have just bonded , i have no idea what there parents were so could be interesting to see what babies we have . John & Swanacilli
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