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  1. Oh dear Well Kaz i should have known better b;ame it on old age and just being to bloody smart for my own good
  2. i have been cabinette breeding for many yrs and only laterly decided to insert some nesting boxes into my aviary with the aim of having the birds in there, acting natually as posiblie if you had seen my post on the work my better half did on decorating the boxes you would know that i satrted this about 2 weeks ago and thats the time it lasted i lost 1 hen that was my daughters favorite so nesting boxes ended up on tip very quickly
  3. Hi all need the experts advice again can you help with what i am many thanks VPX Irish LA Murph BA Many Thanks
  4. Hi Brian i use old cds as long as u you dont put then right next to avairy as they can then scare the budgies i hang mine about 2 ft away it does work and as Kaz said bird netting is the way to go
  5. Way to go mate little steps at a time turn into big ones good luck with it
  6. Thanks for the info i think ill give it to someone who has canaries i do know they like it
  7. This questiom might be in the to hard basket
  8. Hi all i have been given a couple kg each of Rape, Niggar, and linseed. can you use these seeds with budgies. I know you can use small amounts of linseed not sure about the others. Any advice would be most welcome .
  9. I like water under my boathouse lol Haha well, I don't suppose that would go down too well with budgies! Last thing we need is a mass-drowning on our hands :hap: Call out the lifesaving budgies ,throw in the life rings , man the pumps
  10. Darn i think ill have to put the other boxes straght in there going them like bees to the honey
  11. Thats the first lot of boxes have to wait o0n the Boss to finich the rest will have 15 boxes when she has finished them and yes i do know about loses and fights will keep my eyes on any trouble makers
  12. well the boss is the boss im beat but do agree with your saying ~.*+*.~Love doesn't make the world go round, but it makes the stay worthwhile~.*+*.~
  13. Hi all sitting here in my aviary and seeing the birds getting randy thought id allow them to colony breed keep them happy so got some boxes and was going to put them in when the "Boss" u men know who the Boss is lol. Well she says your not putting plain old boxes in the aviary they need to know which is theres' and if they are all the same they will get confused Darn woman lol .So here are some pics of the birds new Houses her words not mine lol Here are a few of the aviary birds
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