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  1. Thanks Nevillle, I will post new pics in a week or two - so it will be clearer. I appreciate your help. Valerie (Dragonwing)
  2. Thanks Dave, What is your guess on Baby 4?I think the way I put the pictures of the babies on is a bit confusing. I put the picture link of baby 1 in my second posting. In my first post the picture link is about the baby number. The one remaining picture (not link) is baby 4 - as I noted under the picture. Sorry for any confusion.
  3. Here are pictures of my last clutch, before retiring my hens. Any idea of the sex of these guys? My daughter wants one and I would really prefer it be a male. She likes Baby 1 and 4. I would appreciate your thoughts. This is Baby 1 - Sorry it's a bit blurry! http://i638.photobucket.com/albums/uu103/V...pg?t=1257438400 This is Baby 2 http://i638.photobucket.com/albums/uu103/V...pg?t=1257438453 This is Baby 3 And Baby 4 Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. Thanks - I'll just leave her to do her thing and see what happens.
  5. The fifth egg appears clear. The sixth and seventh appear fertile.
  6. One of my hens has laid a clutch of 7 eggs. Four have now hatched and I keep finding the other eggs pushed to the far corner of the nesting box. I have been moving them back with the four chicks, but it just occurred to me that she may be doing this as she dosen't want any more chicks! Question - should I leave the eggs where she puts them or keep putting them back with the chicks? They can't be far from hatching, so leaving them seems a bit barbaric! Thanks.
  7. Final update on this old saga - She is a she and I could tell as soon as she went in with the boys! I moved her to her own cage until my egg obsessed hen Stewie calmed down. Just as a side note - the exact same thing happened with Stewie and another female recently that were in the same cage and I know for sure that that bird was a hen! Any know a good bird psycologist or perhaps a budgie whisperer????!!!
  8. You guys are amazing - you were right - he is clearly a male! And a very amorous one too!!!
  9. Hi all - right again - she is a girl - although not much of a breeder - she rejected my prize male! He's in therapy with a bruised ego!!
  10. Hi everyone - Here is an update on the babies (Sorry it took sooooo long!)The older chick is a femaleBaby #1 is a maleBaby #3 is a maleBaby #4 is a femaleBaby #5 is a femaleBaby #2 Neville thought was a female - I have not seen the bird since it left for it's new home but here is the only picture I have of it, and it seems to look like a male - I hesitate to question Neville as he seems to ALWAYS be right, so please let me know if I am imagining things. Here is the picture.Great job everyone - I can always rely on you!
  11. Just to let everyone know - turns out you (and I) were right - she turned out to be a girl - with quite an eye for the boys!!!!!
  12. Sorry, I was afraid the picture wasn't good enough - I will try to get a better picture and re-post. She gets a mixture of seeds, fresh greens and fruits, millet weekly and egg/veggy casserole on a semi regular basis. Her diet has not changed for ages.
  13. My oldest and dearest hen, Stewie, has recently had her feathers around her beak start growing in towards her beak. The feathers are also discoloured, although they became that way when she was raising her last clutch (approx. 6 months ago), and never really recovered. She is quite happy and active, eating well, etc., but I am concerned the feather growth could be a sign of something more serious or will cause problems with her beak. Here are some pics - not the best - clarity wise, but the best I could get. Hope you can help!
  14. Woo Hoo......maybe I'm catching on.....looks like I got one right! :reading:
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