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  1. oh okay..i wont use it just in case..the list includes citrus so i am assuming lemon tree branches are okay??? we have a large lemon tree on our block..i dont have chlorine bleach to clean them with is there another alternative??? thanks in advance kaz for your help
  2. Hi all,i was reading in the FAQ section regarding safe plants/branches but as i am not sure what this is called i dont if it is safe or not. I looks like a sort of eucalypt/gum.I was going to use it as a perch for booga. If so do i strip the leaves and nuts off or can she eat these?? and what is the best way to clean it??? thanks
  3. hello....is it safe to say that booga is a girl??? my partner says he always thought booga was as her personality matched mine especially when shes grumpy....dont on earth know why hahaha!!! booga has been rather nasty to him lately anyway thanks for everyones replies
  4. thanks liv i have reposted in the other topic...i wait and see what everyone else thinks.
  5. Hi all, in previous posts my little Booga was said to be a boy. But in a post yesterday regarding booga having his first moult "liv" suggested that Booga may in fact be a girl and recommended i repost the photos here for other opinions. Booga is 15 weeks old. thanks
  6. do you think???? hehe!!! should i repost in the "what sex is my budgie" to get another vote???? as you guys are the experts should i be calling booga a she? thats funny..i not want to give booga a gender complex hahaha!! maybe thats why booga's so cranky....PMS!!! hehehe!!!! at what age is the sex (cere colour) definate. Booga is 15 weeks and those photos were taken last week.
  7. hi guys, my little booga is almost 4 months old and i am assuming is starting his first moult. These are some recent photos of him with what i am assuming are new feathers coming through on his head????. He has become really grumpy which i have read is common when budgies moult, but his poos have also changed. his diet has been the same..he gets trill budgie mix with vegetables and grains but isnt really enthusiastic about fresh friut and vegies yet. his poos vary from nice little dark poos with the white dot in the middle to pale green poos which are quite watery. i am a bit concerned with the amount of liquid present.it seems to be only tiny amount of solid to a larger ring of liquid around the edge once on the paper.there is no white???. He is chirping and playing as normal but have noticed he is eating like a little piglet..He seems to be constantly at his food..he is eating as there are empty husks...Im just not sure if this is moulting related or something else. As i have said he is extremely grumpy and is not liking being handled at the moment..i guess im just looking for some reassurance that this is normal moulting symptoms otherwise i will take him to the vet..any opinions would be appreciated also i have heard some of you mention a product "moult aid" or silimar??? should i be using a product of this sort at the moment and if so can i get it from a petshop or the vet??? Is it like a multivitamin suppliment for budgies????? thanks in advance for any advice
  8. thanks everyone for your replies..sorry to have caused such a kufuffle hehe!! I have read "jodies" previous posts re guinea pigs so thought since some offered her advice that you have guinea pigs or have had them in the past i would ask. thanks "Una" for the link i will investigate and maesie i wasnt offended..just baffled as i wasnt asking for health ect. advice i just thought maybe someone in my area new where to get one from.. thanks guys...
  9. Oh sorry... :doh: I thought that since other members had posted about thier guinea pigs I would ask..I cant find the clarification list on what is classified as "off topic" so didn't think it would be a problem.
  10. Hello im looking into getting a guinea pig and wondering if anyone knows of a breeder in the Perth Metro area?? Ive have been looking in local pet shops but am assuming its better to purchase direct from a breeder...is this a better option than a petshop purchase?? any info would be great..thanks
  11. thanks for the reassurance guys...it is just very disheartning because it has been a week since he has been clipped and he must think i am going to take him out of his cage when i go near him so he cowers away from me i will keep trying and see how he goes...thanks again
  12. hi all, booga is 8 weeks old and has been with me for 2 weeks now. i handled him in the aviary so when he came home he was very comfortable with me. he let me hold him and take him out of his cage where he would have a fly and explore and walk up and down my arms. last week we had to go to the vet because he hurt his foot and while there i got the vet to clip his wings to make it easier to get him back to his cage. this last week however things have been slowly deteriorating.the first time out of his cage after the wing clip he wasnt quite sure and didnt really wander around that much after he realised he couldnt fly.it has now come to the point when he wont come out of the cage unless i actually take him out and even then i can tell he is stressed..this has now affected him inside the cage and his bond with me. while he will eat millet when offered to him by hand the moment i go near him with my hand without the millet he shrinks into himself and freezes i am very sad about this.... i know it is only early days but he went from being a very confident little budgie to a very scared little budgie and the only thing i can put it down 2 is that hes not happy with not being able to fly ( i suppose he feels very vulnerable as he would if he couldnt fly in the wild)..has anyone else experienced this behaviour???? i somehow feel responsible now and guilty and that he is somehow blaming me ...i have read in the FAQS that his wings will grow back in with his first molt??? this is still a few weeks away and i feel i am losing valuable time to train. i have been reading the taming article in FAQS but am worried that if it is his wings that are bothering him he wont be happy until they grow back therefore i will lose the bond altogether by the time this happens..can anyone offer any tips to help???? i try my hand in the cage a few times during the day but only for minutes at a time as i dont want to over stress him..perseverence is probably the key but i still cant help feel guilty that i am the cause of his stress
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