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  1. hey, a while back my nanna was telling me she used to give her birds mealworms. can u give budgies mealworms ?
  2. fero


    ive been cheeking them twice a day now and sometimes even more then twice and ive realized the mother is still plucking them so i move her into another cage. is this what i should do?
  3. fero


    thx guys on the advice, and straight after the picture i cleaned all the poop of them, the reason for it being like that is cause i dont like to handle the chicks much cause i had a hen that rejected her chicks for some reason, and i would have put the chicks with another hen but ive only got 4 budgies and the chicks have all cleared up now, i sprayed the nest with lice and mite spay
  4. fero


    hey i have two 3 week old chicks and i have noticed that their wings are red. The red is almost like a dried up blood, and i have noticed the mother has blood on her. Is that from her attacking then or trying to clean them.
  5. yeah i know about the red eyes being a lutino but no she has black eyes
  6. i only have six birds and next time ill post the pics better, sorry
  7. this is my new flock i have now i had abut a year brake because i had a very naughty puppy that dug into my aviary and let the birds out can u please tell me what sex this one is ? if u could tell the the mutations i would be very thankful
  8. http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l597/fero-eldering/f8f24896.jpg i was thinking a df spangle hen?
  9. okay thanks, sorry i couldn't get the back of his head
  10. the other on i pretty sure its a df spangle?
  11. i just got a baby budgie and he is full blue yellow face but he has a yellow patch on the back of his head but he hasn't got any other yellow on his body. is he still a pied? ill post pics when my IPod is charged
  12. heres a pick off my rotti pup at about 10weeks he is now abot 15months
  13. yeah she was playing around with the paper in there, but like a month later she got out and flew away with her little sis
  14. one to the left but he's spangle
  15. Ruben the 13 month old rottie Junior the 6 month old staffy cross Milo ally (cockateil) and budgie (name suggestions?) and the baby mice
  16. here they are :question: older hen wings baby hen wings
  17. the hen and they are lacewing with red eyes
  18. I can finally breed lace wings.i have a yellow hen i can breed and she has her 1st clutch now to a opline yf2her mother (cinnamon spangle/ dad mauve spangle) got a little white one and im hoping for more.... ill post pics so you guys can confirm it
  19. anything i can do persides the vet
  20. i just brought home a budgie and its lying down inside the cage, it had dried up poo around its vent and i cleared it and i also squeezed the vent because it was all puffy and runny poo came out it was like water i really want it 2 survive because its a really good show type
  21. fero


    i heard a rumor that you can give your birds cordial to preform better with their breeding shortcuts please do not use shortcut language as per forum rules.........u instead of you, ur instead of your etc etc. You have had to be edited
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