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  1. Sorry Camera not working but i am sure they are both boys.
  2. I have been noticing alot latly that my boy budgies are kissing grooming and enen mating with each other. whats going on there? I don't have a even amount of girls and boys do you think that is the problem? ps. I have more girl budgies.
  3. Hi all I have a pair of cocatiels nesting and they had two Babies, but they rejected them. I also have a budgie nesting she had two baby budgies but the yungest died. The oldest has fully featherd and is old enough to get out of the box. well eny way the cocatiels where out in the avarie not in a breeding cage, and all the other cocatiels wanted to get the the box that the cocatiels where breeding in, and the parents where not giving the babies enough food and the babies where cold. Then all of a sudden they stoped going in the box so i caught the cocatiels and put them and the box in a breeding cage the parents still did'nt go in the box i had to get a heat pack and warm up the baby tiels. Now back to the budgies, They where avarie breeding also but one of the babies died and the other one tried to fly out of the box i found it in the corner of my avarei alive so i put the budgies in a breeding cage. They looked after their baby well. So then i had two baby tiels the needed someone to look after them, so i put them in with the baby budgie the Mum and dad budgie are looking after them but my questions are??? Is it safe for my budgies? if it isn't safe what can i do? ps. the reason i did'nt put the budgies in a breeding cage after she had her first egg was because i did'nt think it would be fertile the female budgie had sat three times before and had no babies.
  4. okay thanks A man rode his horse to town on friday stayed 5 days and then rode home on friday how is this posible?
  5. Bird Haven


    Hi, i have had i little think about mice problems. A couple of months ago i went out side at night to look for something in the car and as i walked to the car i went to check on my birds i heard some strange noises at the food hanging on the wire, when i got over there 6 mice ran out. So the next day i hung the food on the outside wire of the avarie and put a mouse trap in there well its kind of like a mouse trap that they climb into and can't climb back out. And i cought 3 mice so from now on every night i put there food away. just wondering can mice breen under the grownd if my floor is stones? thanks
  6. if you know it say it :rofl: LOL
  7. why did the m'n'm go to school?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. nope have you ever eaten lunch at dinner time
  9. Hi everyone i am going to make a new GGGGGGAAAAAAMMMMEEEEEEnow the game goes like this i will ask a joke and you will guess it if you are rite you will get to tell a joke and who ever juesses it thay will get to tell the next joke and so on and so on.okayWhats dumer than two red heads trying to build a house under whater?i will give you a Clue. 2 Blonde
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