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  1. in the one cage i have just hens. my cock is in a separte cage
  2. I had Muffin, Chirper and Abbie all in the same cage and they started fighting, with Chirper being the instigator. (well not fighting, but squabbling and territorial, possessive etc). So I took her out and put her in a separte cage. It fixed the problem for a couple of weeks but now Abbie is having a go at Muffin. I don't have any other cages or I would separate them too. I don't understand why they are doing it. They have plenty of perch space, they have 2 feeding containers, plenty of toys, so there is really no need to be like this. Can anyone tell me why they are doing this and will it stop? If not how can I fix it? I don't know if this is the right place to put it, but I figured it was kind of relevant. Thanks Karli
  3. My brids wont eat any of that How did you get your birds to eat flowers? Closest mine get is lucerne...
  4. I can't decide if I want Chirper or Muffin. I would like to get it nice and bright, which wouldn't happen if I had Muffin seeing as she is a yellow faced grey cinnamon. But I think it would very different if I got her. I would need something to make it a bit brighter though as I don't want it looking grey and black and bluh! What could I put around her? I'm thinking a flower or something, but I don't know what would still look natural, any ideas on flowers that budgies naturally like? Karli
  5. well, after a few weeks of thinking what I would like to get a tattoo of, ive made my mind up that i'm going to get a tattoo of Chirper. She is the brightest coloured bird that I have at the moment and also the craziest. I think she would look very good on my shoulder. Any suggestions what I should put around her?
  6. I dont believe in quarantining birds as most viruses and harmful bugs are air borne. When I had Miss Lacey (about 4 months ago) she was sick when we bought her home, we had her for a week and then died. She was in the cage next to Chirp and Chirp never got sick. Theyre cages were always next to each other. Also, it wouldnt matter even if I had Muffin in a separate cage (assuming she was a sick bird), Chirp, Abbie & Dale would all get sick too because they all breathe the same air in the same house. Wouldnt matter if they were in separate ends of the house or not. Its the same as the flu in humans. Its logic. And if we quarantine our birds while theyre young and protect them from all the deadlies, when and if theyre bred, it makes a weeker bird. Thats how I look at the quaranting issue...
  7. Hi all, Well, about 2 weeks ago I bought home my latest little girl, Muffin. Shes a yellow headed grey with cinnamon markings and is a very pretty girl. Shes not very old as her cere still hasnt changed, but the breeder told us that it was a girl. The yellow on her face is quite pale but she also has a little bit of yellow on her wings. she has the faintest blue markings on her cheeks and has a very girly yet cute chirp! She loves to sit on her swing (I guess coz its the highest point??) and likes to follow Chirp by climbing along the roof of her cage (I swear all my lil guys are acrobats!) Once again she also likes lucerne. I have pix on my phone, I just havent had a chance to download them yet, but I will do this week end hopefully! Lil Miss
  8. Hi, Im wanting to train my little Chirper (i want to start with her and then progress with Dale and Abbie), but I dont know how to start off. I dont like putting my hand in the cage when they flap. I can put my hand in and change the seed and water etc, but to go any where near them they start flapping and thats the part that i dont like. I dont know why Im like it, but it just freaks me out. Whats the best way to start taming them? Lil Miss
  9. Hi guys, Sorry I havent done this sooner. I dont have any decent pix of my budgies at the moment, but this weekend im bringing home a new little girl and will get heaps then! First I have Miss Chirper... Ive had her since January (she isnt my first bird, I had Ben who died after being with us for 14 years). Shes a very loud little miss who love to play with her lucerne! She loves rolling around on the bottom of the cage and playing with it, tearing it up and putting it in the water! She also loves playing with her set of bells (recently upgraded from hoops with one bell to no hoops but 3 bells), and he little knotted rope! Next is Dale, and Ive had him since February. Hes a little bit like Mr Vain, he sits on the perch most of the day and preens himself from what I can work out. If he had a mirror hed be set for life! He too loves his lucerne and millet. Bells can be an attraction too! Lastly is Abbie (who i named after my fave TV character in NCIS, Ive had her for about a month). She loves her little seed bells and will play with her bells when no one is looking. She can be a rather raucus bird too as she likes to communicate with the wild parrots that live in my area (Chirp does too). Just like to include that there is a little love triangle at the moment. Both my girls want Dale, and he wants them both but they arent willing to share. Chirp is known for her yelling matches at Dale and for turning her back to him. I dont know if thats whats really going on, but its a nice little story, Lol. I am hopefully getting a yellow headed blue or a yellow headed cinnamon grey hen this weekend. Any way, thats it for my lil babies, Lil Miss
  10. I think dale is a normal green, but i am not sure of the others... i am still learning all these terms! Chirper is the one that really interests me. Also,what would a yellow headed grey cinnamon look like? ta, karli
  11. Hi, I was reading Birdtalk and they had a section on lineolated parakeets. Just wondering what the difference is between them and budgies? I look at my Chirper and I think that maybe she mite be lineolated rather than a budgie. Any help would be great! Lil miss
  12. Does anybody know of some good books on budgies that have a lot of pictures. I like being able to see what colours and different things that budgies do. I used to have a really good one on cats and i was looking for something similar on budgies. Different pozzies, colours etc Lil Miss
  13. I have heard of a silver budgie in a mythological sense, does anybody know anything about it? I was told that if you can own one you get years of good luck as they are relatively rare. Is this true? Lil miss
  14. hi, i own 3 budgies at present, 2 girls and a boy, and i am looking at getting another girl (hopefully). my problem is that at the moment i have a cage each for the 3 birds. what I would like to do is have all the girls together and have dale by him self as i dont want them to breed. what is the best way for me to get abbie and chirper and hopefully the new girl in together? last time i tried i put chirp in with abbie and lil ab got picked on. any suggestions?? thanks heaps lil miss
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