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  1. Sorry, maybe it's the tiredness kicking in, but how does this fix the problem of fighting over the male? None of the others are worried about the perches, they all sit on the top perch together. It's purely Abbie vs Muffy because of Dale... Well that I can see any way....
  2. Um, at a guess, about 1.6m tall, 1m long and I'm not sure about width, about 60cm? It has one long perch up at top, a few perches about 30 cm long, and a few about 15-20cm long. Also has alot of the swings up the top of the cage, most of my birds sleep up the top at night. All the perches are scattered, so theyre not all up the top or bottom etc
  3. Hi Guys, I guess this has probably been asked a million times before, but my situation is that Abbie was friendly with Dale - they were not a pair, I don't breed them, and just the past week or so, Dale has taken attraction to Muffy, another female. During the week Abbie has been picking on Muffy. She's not allowed on the same perch as her or Dale, same food dish etc. Abbie will even chase Muffy to the floor of the cage so that she is no where near Dale. I currently have about 4 feeding containers and plenty of perches, both long and short. So there shouldn't be an issue there. I h
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the help, so far, touch wood, since then i havent had any more mice problems. my budgies are in a cage, not an aviary, i have their food right up the top of the cage, with water under neath, i also have a bowl on the bottom of the cage with the seed that hasnt been eaten - has some husks, but not many. when it gets to about 5pm i push the cage back towards the wall, but i leave about a foot between the cage and the wall, so the mice cannot get in. - (during the day they are out in the middle of the car port to get some sun, still protected from butcher birds etc)
  5. Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post the topic, but just wondering if any one else is having issues with mice plague?? I seem to have a problem with them lately, so far over 4 nights we have caught 28 mice in their cage! Is any one else having this problem too? What do you do to stop it or prevent it? I have been taking their seed containers out at night and putting a trap in there for the mice. (don't sweat, safe for the birds) ta
  6. Hi all, I bought a big cage for all my birds about a month ago, all my budgies are absolutely loving it! Today is the first day in a while that I have been at home all day and have had the time to pay lots of attention to them. So I've noticed a problem, sparrows keep getting into the cage. I don't know how theyre getting in, all the doors I have snibbed close coz Muffin loves to lift the doors up and down (yes, there are plenty of toys in the cage), I checked when I assembled the cage, there are no screws missing or any open panels. The only thing that I can think of, is that they're
  7. no not yet. having trouble picking something.
  8. Hi all, I bought a budgie on the weekend... Makes number 6 I found it at a pet shop in Ipswich and thought it was just adorable. It has very pale cinnamon markings on its lil wings, so I don't think it's albino, but it does have a plum coloured eye when you look at it in the right light. Any suggestions on what it might be?? And is it a boy or girl?
  9. Hi again, Well I have had some progress with the budgie. This time the the couple have actually definitely split up. Apparently it is final this time. He has acknowleged that the cage needs cleaning, but however he wants his ex to do it for him seeing as it was her bird. I have told him if it is too much of an effort to look after (which it seems to be), then I am happy to take the bird and give it a good home. He declined my offer, but he is keen to look after this bird from what I can see. The current cage it is in, the one in the pics previously posted, is hard to clean, so he
  10. lil miss

    New Aviary

    Hi every one, I am going out and buying a bigger cage for all my birds tomorrow, I don't know the dimensions, but you can get them from most pet shops - it's the size they usually have the budgies in at the petshops and sometimes even the cockatoos are kept in that size. I think it is similar to this - http://petone.com.au/avione/images/604T.jpg I want to put all my birds in there - so 2 boys and 3 girls. I know to avoid them breeding, I don't put anything in that will resemble a nest. Is there any thing else I should do when I set the cage up? What sort of perches should I get and how
  11. i use the sand mats on all my birds... they nibble at it and it helps to keep their beaks down. mine never eat cuttle fish, no matter what i do with it. and it has the calcium and that on it so its better for the bird. i also find that the birds - especially my finches - have trouble walking on the bars on the bottom of the cage. the mats solve the problem...
  12. the issue with the owner of the bird, is that she doesnt live there. i hate to be feral, but she comes over for her "15 minutes" with her bf, and then goes. the rest of the time she lives with her parents. so therefore the guys have to look after the bird. most of the guys dont actually cosider a bird as a pet, you cant cuddle it and groom it and that, like you can a cat or a dog. to them its just a thing that needs feed and water and thats it. so thats all they do to it. i have never met this girl, i saw her for 30seconds today, but still wouldnt recognise her in a bunch of people. but fr
  13. I went to my boyfriend's house today - he has recently moved in with 2 other of his mates, both have girlfriends. One of the girls has a pet budgie. I think the bird is a she. I think she's a very pretty little girl, though she has had very little human contact as she is flighty as all get out. Any way - I think she has only had this bird for a little while, as the cere still hasnt changed - tho it is showing signs of a pinky brown colour. From what I can work out, she has never had a bird before. There is only one perch in the cage, and a swing, which sits at the same level as the perch,
  14. now i get it! im blonde and having a bad day : (
  15. okay...2nd attempt... http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn243/B...ow/Image062.jpg http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn243/B...ow/Image061.jpg http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn243/B...ow/Image060.jpg