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  1. Yep...Mine puts everything in his water!!!I just change it at the end of the day!!
  2. Thank you heaps....I will wait till he moults....
  3. OMG...How cute!!!! Yep thats what he is doing...COOL!!!! Would it be "bad" to treat for mites if i only "suspect" he has them?...A few friends have commenter he scratches alot...I was thinking of getting mite stuff and doing it anyway.....Hes been a BIG scratcher since i got him in june from LPS.... Thanks for the fast response guys... Kirsty Too right Neat!!! How cute!!!!
  4. Hi all...I have a feather prob...Billy Bob has feathers comming out of his head that are only the stem...Ummm...i will try explain better...It seems to be the stem of the feather...He scratches quite a bit..Ive checked out the topics on mites and scaley face etc, but none of them touch on the feather thing...I dont have digi camera (broken) so i cant post a picture..I have also noticed he losses feathers from underneath, the soft downey ones.... He had great appertite and sings and plays...Any ideas please?...Cheers, Kirsty
  5. WOW Spike...I dont know about this...One of the others will be able to help you...I just wanted to say good luck mate!!! :feedbirds:
  6. Thanks for the advice Liv, I will not forget it if it happens again. Unfortunately, not long after posting that message I had to pack the computer for our move south. He ate some seed out of my hand and perked up a bit, so I put him in his cage (he started crawling around so I was hopeful), covered it with a towel with a little gap at the front and kept him inside overnight. Unfortunately in the morning he was no longer with us. :budgiedance: I am very sad now, as I only wanted to give the best nutrition I could, but I didn't know enough about it, and now he's gone as a result. I miss my Ghost. ShadowGhost, Im very sorry for your loss...Thanks to reading this though, it wont happen to me and Billy Bob..or others...Was it due to food change...I didnt realise this..Ive only had Billy Bob a week today, but didnt realise how bad changing food could be...Thanks for letting us know...RIP Ghost :angel1:
  7. Their great arnt they!!I cant get enough...I listen to them most every day...And ohhh yeah...they are GREAT looking also...Love the grittyness of the songs.... :budgiedance: Specially good drinking and cleaning music.... I AGREEEEE!!! Next time they come to town i am at their show in a - I had tickets for when they were here 2 years ago, but I missed it becuase i went into labour with my dauther - I put it down to too much excitemtnt Hey, when are they going to release a new album!!!??? - its been ages since they released something new! Hey Liv...Im not sure if theres another album in the works...but ill l;et you know ifn i hear anything.... ...
  8. WOW Thanks guys...Ive been watching him without him knowing and he pretty much just sits there...BUT as soon as i get into his view..He will preen, scratch and pretty much ignore me....Quite funny...Hes got a strong character!!!
  9. Hi there...Ive had Billy Bob for one week ( 8 week old male blue ) and every time he sees me he starts preening and scratching, to a point where ive concidered a vet..BUT could it it be a phycological thing...scuse spelling if its wrong...EVERY single time he sights me he will preen...i think he is to saying "you dont bother me!"....Cause thats the attitude he gives off!!!....He is definately responding to my hand in his cage in a good way...whether its to fix food and water or to try and get him to "step up"...Hes still a bit scared but getting better every day, and i stop when he gets too nervous, and start fixing stuff in his cage....I am trying ti get him used to my hand in a non threatening way....Any opionions would be great, Kirsty
  10. Their great arnt they!!I cant get enough...I listen to them most every day...And ohhh yeah...they are GREAT looking also...Love the grittyness of the songs.... Specially good drinking and cleaning music....
  11. I have had my new budgie"Billy Bob" since yesterday arvo and hes been silent since then...BUT today at about 10am i stuck Nickleback on the cd player to begin my housework and lo and behold Billy Bob wont stop chirping and singing!!!He loves it!!!He even appears to be dancing...Has anyone else got a budgie that has a fav band/singer?.....Cheers, Kirsty
  12. Ohhh gosh... There have been some terrible budgie deaths...At least we can all learn from forums and threads like this...I will hede the warnings!!!Thank God there is somewhere we can learn from others like you guys...Cheers, Kirsty
  13. Thanks Sailorwolf I had spotted a thread about that and am going to check it out...Thunder comming...Gotta go now...My 4 yr old is telling me "get of the puter mum, quickly"....Kirsty
  14. Hi there...I live right on the water at Bermagui...Am i allowed to post you some?...I have soooo much i dont know what to do with it!!!!Let me know ifn you want me to send you some....All the best Kirsty
  15. Could anyone please tell me the average age a baby budgie leaves the nest?..My birdie arriving on friday has been out his nest a week...what age would that make him roughly?...Thanking you in advance, Kirsty
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