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  1. thanks for that av. i was looking at buying some at the next auction in brisbane. If they go for that price i will not be buying a lot of them
  2. i have been to an auction before and know about what birds fetch top $$$$$ but never seen a crested at auction before. was just seeing if it was worth my while adding crested birds into my aviaries.
  3. hi, im just wondering if anyone can tell me what i should expect to pay for a crested budgie or tuft? and what price to pay at auction? Louie
  4. Just in the process of getting a new aviary/shed for all the budgies to go into. At the moment they are in charge of my 4.5m x 4.5m holding aviary which i need back for other birds. Shed is going to be 7.4m long x 3.4m wide x 2.4m high. Already organized some cabinets with Daz, looking to have a total between 50 and 80 cabinets by the time we are finished. Not all will be for budgies, about 90% will be and 10% for finches. Will keep everyone posted with the progress. After the shed is done, will need to hit up some auctions and breeders for some nice birds i think. Louie
  5. Hi, i just want to know if anyone out there has any for sale or can put me in the right direction with someone who has these birds or what there value might be. Louie
  6. Hi All, I just want to let everyone know that we offer vetafarm products to forum members for discounted prices. Let me know what you are after and i can get you a price inc postage to your door. Bulk sales welcome, any vetafarm product available. Louie
  7. Hi, My name's Louie owner of Parraweena Aviaries. I have recently joined this forum and have being reading up on breeders setups and quality of birds around. We are looking into setting up a breeding facility for budgies as a separate part of our already established parrot breeding complex. We just bought some show type budgies from Camelle Lamb in SE QLD, very nice lady and very helpful, she has a great setup and good quality birds. We are based on the Gold Coast, QLD. We are very interested in people's comments on good breeders around this area. Being new to budgies, we appreciate all help we receive on what to look for when buying new birds as we plan to work our way up the ladder with quality show bird. Look forward to people's replys and look forward to possibly meeting people in the future at shows. Louie
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