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  1. Thanks Elly, I will do that, i've been warning him that i'm approaching but i'll keep working on him. He seems a lot more relaxed now than he was at the beginning of the week. I just have to work on him talking again as he doesnt make any noise. I feel a lot better now, i just didnt want him to be suffering and not knowing. Thanks again! )
  2. Thank you for all your responses, unfortunately i have just picked Barry up from the avian vet this evening after his weekend stay there. He has a tumor and she thinks that is the obvious cause of his blindness due to pressure against the optic nerve. I never realised these things could happen. She assures me he is in no pain and to see how he adjusts to his blindness. Can i ask, if anyone has heard of this before, does anyone have any advice, particularly on how well budgies cope being blind? I obviously want to keep him with me as he is my little mate but i dont want him to suffer due to quality of life, it just seems even sadder than letting him go. Thanks
  3. his cere is blue. Vet apt. tomorrow morning. Thanks
  4. Hi Yes he has molted before and i know he was going through it again a few weeks ago and he had his new feathers coming through on his head. I have always maintained a good relationship with him ie. he seems to know who is mum is and will come to me before anyone else. With his whole behaviour changing i asumed he was going through puberty etc (i'm unsure if he is too young for this though as he is only about 18 months old) so i made sure the environment was as stress free as possible. I can go right up to his cage and he seems unaware that i'm there until i speak to him, this is why i'm sure he is visually impaired. Just unusual for him. When he has been flying in the past he has occassionally clipped a wall but i know he is testing himself but now he is just clean flying straight into the wall so i havent let him out since saturday as i dont want him hurting himself. I'll keep looking over the FAQ's section too. I must be dribbling on but i'm just really anxious to make make sure he is okay.
  5. okay thanks, i will do. i'm off to the vet again tomorrow. I just freak out as he is not the same budgie. The vet said he seemed to be maturing and molting a little but its just been going on for 2 months now. i know i'm still learning and researching budgies and budgie care but just when i think i'm on top of it something else comes up. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I i'm actually wondering if he could be going a little blind. He seems to be flying terribly. The other day he flew straight into the wall. I'm wondering if this is causing him stress. I've taken him to the avian vet 3 times but they havent really been too helpful. Does anyone know, are budgies okay blind, i mean, without sounding silly, do they adjust like we do? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum so i hope i am not repeating a topic already posted. I have searched but still havent found anything to help me out 100%. My budgie Barry is 13 months old. He's always been a character but he's changed behaviour recently. He is tame, flys around the house when i'm home, talks and is generally pretty good but i went on holiday for 10 days and left him with my mum. No one teased him (so i have been told) but i think when he's dropped his swing etc obviously other peoples hands have gone into the cage. Since getting him back he isnt talking as much, he cant seem to fly properly and he is extremely aggressive. If i put my hand in his cage he bites and really latches on and trys to attack anyone or anything that goes near him. He also wont let me pat him anymore, and no longer flys to me when i call him which he always did. He's just not the same little bird. Is there anything i can do, do i need to start all over again with him? I undrstand that he might be adjusting to me again but it has been to weeks and there is no improvement. He still knows me and came straight to the front of the cage and rubbed his beak against me when i got him but he is definately a changed budgie. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated. Thanks
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