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  1. My budgie wound up down the back of the piano a couple of times so now I just keep it pulled out as far as is practicle.
  2. Pink!? Pink!? But I asked for this model in blue.
  3. My little Twitter used to chirp along in time to Freddie singing, whenever I listened to Queen. LOL.
  4. In the weekend I bought a new male budgie to be friends, and eventual mates, with my little Pheboie. He's a beautiful little blue, and is a real character. I've decided to name him Daintey. And yes, as soon as our computer at home is working properly, I will post photos.
  5. Acutally, I found out a couple of weeks after I got her, that she was one of my cousins escapies. LOL. And he said I could keep her..
  6. Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to the site, so I'm going to introduce myself and my flock. I got my first budgie aroung 2 years ago (he had a stroke and passed away less then a week ago). He was a beautiful little grey male that I named Twitter, and he was my best bird. After I got Twitter, I found out that some of my friends were moving house, and had to sell their breeding pair of Cockatiels. They are a Lutino male and female, named Onyx and Morphius.Since getting them I have had three batches of chicks from them. They were all totally parent-raised. I have sold the majority of the chicks, and have only kept one of the most recent, a pretty little male that I have named Tobias. I also got a friend for Twitter, a nice, but stuborn albino female, Phobie. One chick from them... And then, around two months ago I found that another friend of mine had to get rid of her birds, a Wild-type female cockateil, called Esther, and a Lutino male called James. I As well as these, I have also found a sweet hen ring-necked dove that the cat almost killed, and I nursed back to health. She can't fly very well so I'm keeping her in an aviry, and will soon be getting her a boy-friend. Circling our farm, are also five pidgions. Both of my breeding pairs have their own avirys and nesting boxes, and I have Tobias and Pheobie in their own cages in my bedroom. Well, I hope you've enjoyed meeting us. I hape to get to know you in the future.
  7. Hey everyone. I've recently got a beautiful little pure Albino female, that just reached two years, and I was wondering, is there any particular coleration that would be best to pick for her mate?
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