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  1. Hi, I use to breed clearwing before the greywing took over hard work but worth it. Do you know if the cock was split. And yes joint Brasea they a lovely people.
  2. Hi, I have a Bourke parrot with the budgies no problem so far and it's good to have pink colour in the avairy. Steve
  3. You are breeding one of the hardest budgie to improve they are beautiful looking budgie. I think you should start with normals and then get some splits going then you be on your way.I bred them 10 years ago when they didn't have greywing in them. Steve
  4. Neat I won't worry to much about the dog it will love it.I had a red belly under my avairy I lost my best hen at the time I wondered what happen but the next day my little foxy was playing tugger war with this red belly that managed to get back under the avariy.One week later we heard screams next door the builder was up on a ladder scared stiff. Steve
  5. I use a net but I had the net part taken off and we put a pillow case as the net so it didn't do any damage to the bird.When in the cage just with my hand, show birds are easy but little Aussie hens go for blood. Steve
  6. Well Done I love the Dad Steve
  7. Jenene about your techer saying I wish they were all like your son that is the BIGGEST compliment you can get and you should be proud of yourself for raising such a wonderful boy. Steve
  8. Hi I find to have a good look at the bird is very hard by the photo.If possible try and get them in a show cage then take a photo I know this is hard but in the long run you will get better birds. Steve P.S.I'd buy the TCB just because I like them.
  9. Yes you do have to train your Budgie put them in a show cage as much as possible you just need them to settle.I have taken them to work to get use to people walking past the cage and at home.I use to start with a show cage connect to another holding cage so they could go in and out and get use to the show cage.Plus the judge stick (If they stii use them)another thing they have to be ready for. Steve
  10. Hi catintheht,If you enjoy colours forget Show birds but if you want to get into show bird you need patients a mentor would help but keep your money in your pocket till you know a good bird then start to purchase a few pairs.All clubs have good and bad member but that's in all hobbies & sports I was in it for about 5 years I found that 98% breeder would help if not give you birds to help.I only left because I couldn't put the time & money to improve so I just faded out. I have just started with a few pair again because I miss the sound in the backyard. Steve
  11. I had the same problem greygreen and greys it come with the show bird.All the family would say they are all the same colour,so I got into clearwing & blackeyed self and started breeding them some lovely coloured birds and end up helped the club I was in for the interbranch competion plus it is easy to sell clearwings. Steve
  12. Are the dropping getting bigger. Steve
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