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  1. So very sorry for your losses.
  2. Thank you Finnie. I hope to stay around this time. Heh heh. But I am feeling so happy to be around this forum again and most of all my budgie's even if a few faces are no longer physically a part of my flock. x So truthfully I couldn't get very close to her without causing her to flap around like a maniac so I haven't had a great look at her but now she has settled know's I feed her and don't want to harm her she allows my face near the cage now. Lol. Looking at her they are defiantly not silver so she is not a grey. Her cheek patches are a dull violet and her colour seems to have brig
  3. Hi all after a very long break due to health problems I am back and well I got this little lady a little over a week ago now. She is gorgeous, her name is Little Rock. Now I did have a go at identifying her mutation but I am not very good in the blue series but I knew you guys would know right off. My speculation is that she is a Grey or Mauve. Dominant pied, YF type 2 (She seems to have a lot of yellow bleeding through or this could be a product of her pied) And I feel she is also Opaline. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. These all look amazing! I wish you luck and cannot wait to see what is born from these wonderful things.x
  5. Some more pictures of the little fella, such a unique soul. I honestly can't heal at all, this morning I went out to see him at his grave site beneath a tree in the garden only to find that a cat had pooed right on top of his grave! I apologized to him told him I love him and that he has to take care of Star and that Sky will be look after him like her baby, she always wanted chicks and died egg bound. Rest in peace my boy. 12th April 2008- 5th April 2013. He looks so big in the photo's but he really wasn't he was the smallest budgie I had considering his parents
  6. I never knew that it was so difficult to find a a green budgie anymore, hmmm. I mean I guess it has been 6-7 years since I went to a pet shop or breeder for a budgie. I used to breed my light green pair, but have stopped now due to the females age. They were great parents I love the greens more than anything but I do like some of the other variations too. If I were still breeding them and you were willing to travel as I live near London I would have welcomed you to one. Maybe a rescue may have some, just keep looking in pet shops or even search for a UK breeder. I wish you luck on finding yo
  7. I know I haven't been around at all lately I have been absolutely stumped by looking for work and simply living that I barely have time to have "me time" So sorry guys, if you even remember me. On the 5th of April my cherished budgie Ollie passed away so suddenly...he was healthy I, my whole family are shocked. My mum was distraught. He was a great little budgie just 7 days from his 5th birthday he talked from morning till night even when dropping into sleep. I would be greeted each morning by a tiny squawky voice saying "Ollie...kiss *Kiss noises* kisses!" then I'd kiss him say thank you
  8. No sorry they are just simply normal greens. There are some quite usefull Topics on here that can help you out with learning the different mutations. Hope all is well with your bubs, good luck with them!
  9. I was supposed to scrap they Spangle part. lol. Woops. Thanks.
  10. Hi I think they are Grey wing spangles, skyblue dilutes. Also the top one looks to have the yellow face mutation too. However I am still learning the ways of budgie mutations myself. Still all very beautiful birds though.
  11. You def have 3 males and like Finne said its hard to say from the picture what the dilute is. But you have a normal dark green male. Normal colbalt greywing male. Light green dilute maybe opaline but I can't see the back so can't be certian. And lastly a normal sky violet dominant pied male. The guess's on the blue birds could be wrong I am still struggling with the shades of blues. Hope I could help. Jodie.
  12. They probably just need time to bond with one another, where abouts in/on the cage is your nest box. Budgies prefer to nest in high secure places the box is better placed on the outside of the cage so you can view and clean the inside easy and stress free. Good luck. baby chat. Jodie.
  13. No worries olgalit thats what the forum is for. You learn along the way also. Yellow face is a mutation that is a recessive gene that is only as Nerwen said in white based birds (the blues and greys) Greens are a dark based gene that can't have the mutation yellow face. They do have yellow faces but that is a normal occurrence they are refered to (Normal greens) They look like your boy on the left of the photo. The (Normal blues) have white faces. So when the gene yellow face occures in the blues it is yellow face because its not a the natural colour of the blue budgie. (Even though the b
  14. On the opaline but my laptop shows colours differently than my computer. So she probably isn't. I just said on my laptop I see cinnamon (but it could be my laptop)
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