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  1. /What size is your aviary?
  2. Thanks... I might keep looking into building them one of their own- which was the origonal plan. before my hubby got sick. I did want to build them a big Aviary and get more but now I'm thinking of one on the smaller outdoor size. Are there any good places to look in QLD.
  3. I have had a pair of Bourke Parrots for about 4 months now, and I have been wondering if they could go into my Aviary with my Budgies. They are around the same size and very placid. I was just worried that the Budgies might attack them? Or would they just be okay? Thanks any help is very Welcome!!!
  4. rah

    So Guinea Pigs?

    The Guinea Pigs are doing great!!! The girls Just love them and Tuck has almost doubled in size (Male)! He's loving the Vegi Garden and The girls just keep picking stuff for them! The came along to Playgroup last week and they had the best time. I was really happy with the way all of the kids treated them and they were so kind and Gentle. All the parents have asked for babys in the Future. So I'll have no worries about homes for the little ones when the come eventually..
  5. These have been taken with the macro mode without a flash and in the daylight. I am pretty sure she had red eyes when I bought her, but that was a long time ago- and my memory isn't that good.
  6. I love My hammer, Cordless Drill (Hubby just bought that for me with his Tax money)the jigsaw and sander when I can borrow them from my Dad.. I love making things for the birds and now the Guinea pigs.. Planning on getting some Bantam Chickens when we get back from holidays and I'm looking horward to making them a house as much as I am looking forward to the holiday...
  7. Thanks all! I am not gifted in genetics at all!! Were really proud of our little momma. I've had her for a long tome and this is her first clutch. They are all still in a cage inside from when she had a sore toe- but that has healed up, and I can't bring myself to put her back in the outside Aviary just yet. I was amazed at the colours of the babys and the girls think their little angels... Very different to all the Dom Pied blue/white babys we have everywhere here at the moment..
  8. These are Star and Sunny's Babys...The Middle one is the oldest, and the front one is next and the one at the back is the youngest. Here are a few pics.. Have no Idea of their propper names. Opaline maybe? These are the oldest- yet to be named and the baby(still has pin feathers)... This is the Middle one names Candy...
  9. I wish that happened here!! I have been told no more animal!!! You'll have some pretty happy kids!
  10. I agree a hen, even just by how you described her.. She's cute!!!
  11. It's great!!! They look so happy. Love the lil barn too!!!
  12. rah

    So Guinea Pigs?

    Beibei is meant to be near 4 months but they weren'y sure about Tuck- he's much younger. So I'm thinking I should start putting them together in a month or so if she is to have babys before 7 months. I don't want her to die because I waited too long... Going to do more research- as I tend to stress too much... Thanks All!!!
  13. rah

    So Guinea Pigs?

    They have 3 cages, 2 inside and one outside for play- the girls sometimes put them in together, but not for long. I do try to keep them seperated though. Tuck is a lot younger than Beibei, he is quite small. But at what age can the males reach maturity? I hear they can have a lot of problems when they breed- and as much as I am looking forward to babys in the future I am not in any rush for that to start. I'll hopefully have my hands full with baby ringnecks this spring so next year would be great for guinea pigs...
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