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  1. Thankyou very much. I still have so much to learn. Seems neverending. I do see why my Dad enjoyed the hobby though! And I am blessed that I was able to take over for him.
  2. Mom is a skywhite and Dad is a Greygreen greywing ... or so I was told. One looks just like Dad, but the other baby is a much brighter green. Not sure what he is?? Help please. Sorry, forgot the pics...whitewing is what Mr. Davis called her. First a picture of Dad: Mom: and the babies, all 3 from their clutch:
  3. I am totally confused now after reading greywing/dilute how to tell post....lol... Any suggestions on what this boy is?
  4. I am resizing the picture, because upon so many looks at your bird JB, lol, Mom to my boy is Lutino. She has the white cheek spots and no markings on wings or head. Any new suggestions now. I know the REL male 1year old I have, the dad red eye lacewing was masking grey, mom was lutino. I know dad was masking grey as when I paired him to a normal violet hen I got 2 grey males and 2 red eye lacewing hens and one light violet. Wow hope I haven't confused any of you.... here is a resized picture of the red eye lacewing boys parents, the red eye lacewing dad masking grey, and lutino mom
  5. Could I pair him back to mom or is this not a good thing to do? Just asking haven't done anything yet Sure Jimmy I will put him on the next flight! :question:
  6. Will take some better pictures tomorrow and post them tomorrow evening. Maybe that will help.
  7. His mom was violet and dad was red eye lacewing white series. Here is a picture of him, I think he is grey possibly mauve? Would like more of this color, best hen to pair with would be????? Here is a picture of the baby[almost a year now] AND HERE ARE THE PARENT BIRDS:
  8. Thankyou for the information. Was told differently and I really am still learning. Would like to get some dom. pieds but don't have any in the flock. I believe someone told me that he was split to dom pied because the spot was so big. Like I said though I have alot to learn still, even still figuring out what all my originals are split to, as never have found my dad's records. Thankyou for the warm welcome back though. Plan on trying to stay in touch this time. Just so easy to get caught up in the birds, kids, hubby,dog, rabbit, and widowed mom, not enough time for the net. LOL
  9. I have one Red eye Lacewing male[white series like dad] ,the dad was red eye lacewing, white series and mom yellow series. I would like to get more yellow ones like mom. Any suggestions as what type/color hen I should pair him with? He is just about a year old now and I would like to get him ready for breeing. I have added a picture of the parent birds http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/S...ds/000_0018.jpg
  10. Hi everyone, it's been quite a while. Just to refresh I inherited all my birds due to the passing of my dad, the original breeder. I since have gotten my license and thanks to all of your helpful advice/tips I have managed to come up with some beautiful babies. Just wanted to share a few and please feel free to have a peek at my album on photobucket, I have several sub albums of all the birds I breed/raise. http://photobucket.com/SueannsBirds Here are a few photos of some of the babies from the first round, setting up for the second round now. Different birds of course! Enjoy and please look for me in the breeding/mutation section as I have more questions on pairings. Again thanks and hope you enjoy these pics of my lil beauties! This first picture of the red eye lacewing and greys, they are all from same clutch
  11. But the parents are not greywing, the Mom is normal violet and the Dad is a red eye lacewing???
  12. I know the color is violet, just not certain if this chick is dilute or clearwing or what?
  13. This is my stupid question of the day , But if I were to pair a greygreen with a cobalt or violet normal hen would it be possible to get any dark green budgies? I have this one it is too young to breed at the present, but I am thinking ahead. Just curious if this is a possibility.
  14. Here are pics of the hen and the sire, as I said he is a Red eye Lacewing, and she is a violet. From them I got a healthy beautiful clutch 2 just like Dad, REL, 1 violet like mom, one is a real light colored violet and appears to be a greywing?? and then the mauve or grey???? Most are pictured in the nestbox and mom is in there as well. The green/yellow coloring on his face is from the fresh spinach at breakfast feeding, he is not yellowface. Here is Dad and mom: and another closer of mom:
  15. The man who my father dealt with and that now is my part time mentor along with all of you here on the forum he told me has the only slate in the state or maybe it was the country, they were a real dark color, wish I would have taken a closer look now but was well overwhelmed at the time, but do remember that they were very striking birds. I havent been to see him in a couple of months, he orders my seed for me. Next trip I will find out more about his Slates and see if he would mind my taking a few pics for the forum. He is a showbreeder, and judge, has been in the business many many years, Mr. Davis, he is a very nice man and has been a great help. He told me to work on the head size and masks of my budgies, can't wait till August, my very first show, anxious and nervous energy all building up!!
  16. In reading another post I read that Sky to violet will give you mauve chicks? Well how can you get Slate, do you have to have slate to begin with or can you pair for it? Still trying to figure it all out......
  17. This chick is the one that came from the Red eye lacewing dad and the violet mom, I was thinking mauve because it is not really a dark grey and the cheek patches, I just cannot tell and I don't have a grey budgie in the aviary at all...at least not a visual all grey budgie, only one hen that is a greygreen. But she is not the mom to this chick, the parents are as I said a REL cock to a violet hen??? So is this chick mauve or grey or what? This is some of the clutch the chick in question is in the left corner, mom is hidden on the right side
  18. sueannleach

    My Budgies

    Beautiful birds. The greygreen cinnamon is my favorite, she is a real nice hen.
  19. Some of you may remember i posted these guys a couple weeks ago in the mutations making sure they are violet and asking about the head size....well here they are now all fledged also note that there is another fledgling in with them that is a yellowface, the violet ones are the ones I wanna show off though! Opinions please....thanks Sueann The yellowface baby is the one on the right:
  20. Sorry for all the confusion....I have resized my photos on photobucket let's see if these are better? These are the pics of the chick that I am wondering may be grey..?
  21. My mistake and I don't know how to edit it now that it is posted, but the first picture of the grey chick should NOT BE THERE.. my apologies for the confusion, but I do not know how to take that picture out..?? The other 2 are of the grey chick. Sue Ann
  22. Finally, here are the pics I promised of the parents and the chicks: Parents: Light colored violet?chick:http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/SueannsBirds/Budgies/100_0668.jpg http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/S...es/100_0683.jpg http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/S...es/100_0692.jpg Now the grey?one:http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/SueannsBirds/Budgies/100_0679.jpg http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/S...es/100_0677.jpg And the Lacewing chicks:http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/SueannsBirds/Budgies/100_0660.jpg http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/S...es/100_0689.jpg photo sizes Please take the time to edit by photobuckets edit feature to 480 by 640 or less before posting
  23. Hi again everyone. Just wondering if someone could break it down for me I paired my Redeye Lacewing with a Violet hen they hatched 5 healthy chicks beautiful...but 2 are REL, 1 is Kobalt ??, 1 is a real light color violet with looks like grey on its wings and the other just the tail feathers and a little on the belly are out but they look grey!?? Will post pics of the parents and the chicks tomorrow, sorry none available tonite, but will add it to this topic tomorrow. I am not understanding where the grey would be from? All this information is sooo confusing. I dont know how you all have it figured out!
  24. Thankyou missylu for the compliments, really nice seeing this is my first breeding season! And yes Kaz the violet is quite a striking color to see in the nest box. I believe the violet and the REL are my favorites, of course I like the spangle greys too...LOL who am i kidding I love them all! Missylu this is a picture of the parents. http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll315/S...ds/100_0251.jpg oversized picture Please edit photos before posting to minimum of 640 by 480 or less. Your picture was way oversized and has been changed to a link
  25. I have these 2 babies and simply love the color, want to make certain I am correct on thinking this is visual violet?? :budgiedance: The color variations are somewhat confusing at times. Also would like an opinion on the headsize of the last chick from the experts please. I apologize for the blur will try to get better pics this evening at feeding time and will post them if needed. Thankyou all for the help. SueAnn
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