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  1. My Budgie was aged by someone on the forums via a photo (Kaz I think) and she thought trilby was around 6 months old. I think Elly said it better than I could about taming your birdy. One tip I would say when you are at the stage of trying to get your birdy used to your hand - try tempting him/her with millet. It's the budgie equivilent of chocolate ice cream! Good luck! I am currently wondering if I should leave Trilby her mirror, she does sidle up to it and chirp at it occassionally and I know birds can bond to their mirror rather than their human owner. But I feel a bit mean taking it away especially as she is a solo birdy. Ho Hum. :budgiedance:
  2. Yeah - i think Trilby is possibly training me rather than the other way round! I suppose at first I was just excited she was requesting or rather demanding attention. I will definitely have to watch that.
  3. More Trilby updates.. I am pleased to announce I convinced Trilby to step both feet on her fingers and move away from the perch a little bit! Yay I'm so happy. I can usually reliably get one foot on my finger. I think she likes to grab on so she knows the millet isn't going anywhere – but have now managed the double finger whammy twice. I am really pleased her character is starting to come through a bit as well she has even started jumping onto the lower perch to chirp at me while I'm on the computer. She often goes into angry budgie mode when I don't always reply to her inquisitive chirps. At this rate I think I may have to record my voice as I talk at her so much I think I'm starting to go a little mad. I was recently asked if I wanted a cup of tea and I responded with a whistle. I think I have brain washed myself! I suppose the inner workings of budgie's minds will remain a mystery! lucky their outward behaviour is so charming! I love the little running budgie thing trilby does when she's excited - sidling up and down her cage at high speed, and the way she slides precariously over the top of her seed container rather than jump perch to perch... I could go on but you've probably heard enough!
  4. Hello - I have been looking for this thread for ages as I am sure there was someone else trying to tame they're budgies just as I am at the moment. Sounds like its going really well. I loved the bit when you said Because I know exactly what you mean - I'm always saying the same thing about my birdie! I keep saying - look look she's "thinking" about doing whatever - while in the background my family roll their eyes.. we know different though!
  5. Ha, yeah I know the look over, look back, look over, look back budgie trait. Very cautious little birdies budgies can be sometimes. :ygbudgie: Well despite mocking Trilby she is still smarter than me - managing to fly past me again when i was offering her millet to take a tour of my living room. Still only took 4/5 hours before I coaxed her back in again with.. you guessed it... millet! Wasn't too bad this time as I didn't bother chasing her round the room with a tea towel , so the whole experience was less of an ordeal for her. And the good news is I have go her to stand on my Finger!!.. I am cheating slightly as I am just resting my finger on top of her perch and holding the millet so she has to step on it to get to her beloved millet. So it's not an actual step off perch onto finger as of yet - but it's still progress. And she is obviously aware her foot is on my finger -was funny the first time she did it, she looked down at her foot like AGH what am I standing on! On a side note - I was wondering how much budgies can understand? Do they recognise human faces & their hands as one being? Maybe I should start a new thread about budgie cognition!
  6. Hello thanks for all the encouragement! My family appreciates that I have an outlet for my budgie obsession too! - training had to be postponed a few days as I was away for Easter - my parents thought I was nuts as I would call to ask how Trilby was. So far she is content to mainline millet from my hand - she's not even too fussed if my fingers touch her as she reaches for the millet. Although she is definitely hesitant about sitting on my fingers - but I did see some good tips on the forum regarding getting her to sit on my fingers - will keep you updated! She appears to be relaxing into her new environment a bit too, exploring her cage more and being more vocal. It's so funny watching her make the decision to fly to another perch or the floor. She run back and forth along her perch, screws up all her courage takes the plunge and then directly changes her mind, usually the momentum results in her almost falling of her perch rather than a graceful swoop to the floor!
  7. Sounds like some good advice. I am at the stage where my budgie is taking millet from me too but it has only been a few days so i'm sure you will get there first! So far whenever I move the millet so Trilby would have to sit on my finger to get it she sits still, sidles over a bit, freaks herself with her boldness flies round the cages, sits back on her perch and repeats! Good luck with your taming.
  8. Hello :ygbudgie: I just wanted to tell everyone Trilby ate millet from my hand while it was in the cage! I have had her just under a week so far & I am really pleased she is recgnising my hand as something friendly rather than the hand of doom! I am a little over excited at this step and my family who rather tolerate my love of budgies rather than share in it are sick of hearing about it! Anyway that was it really - hope all is well with everyone & their flock
  9. Jaffy2008


    Hello all I got my budgie Trilby last Saturday – I posted a few pictures in the picture section and found out Trilby is an opaline dilute hen about 6 months old (probably!). Anyway since I've had her she had a bit of excitement yesterday as she escaped & spent the day flying round the living room and perching on various bits of furniture. Although by the evening she seemed quite happy flying around chirping etc. Anyway we eventually got her back in her cage by tempting her with a bit of millet. The only thing is she very rarely moves around her cage. Sometimes she will chirp back at me – I have spent ages talking softly to her. But mostly she sits very stil on her perch (occasionly jumping to the floor to get some seed). I was wondering is this normal female budgie behaviour? Ive had all males before and after a few days they got over the abject terror stage and started to play in their cage, and generally be quite noisy so I would move onto hand taming etc. Trilby doesn't seem terrorfied just disinterested but I wouldn't want to continue training i.e. move onto putting my hand in the cage if she is still freaking out. Thanks for any thoughts
  10. Yay - my budgie is finally back in her cage - we tempted her back in with millet, all in all she doesn't look the worse for her adventure, I think she quite enjoyed exploring the room. Doing some particular low-flying when anyone in the room was eating - definitely a greedy birdy. I can see how clipping the wings would have made life easier but my parents never did it with any of the budgies we had during my childhood and we always tamed them - albeit eventually, so I think I will follow their lead. Having said that i may change my mind if she continues to be such an escape artisit! Ideally she will be finger tame before she is out of her cage again. No offense to anyone who does clip though - each to their own. Ps should I be posting this in the picture section - I'm sorry i'm not quite 100% on the rules.
  11. Hello - thanks for all your kind replies - and I will look into the cage situation, I did measure it and it was bigger than several budgie books recommended, although I suppose bigger is always better for cages. Unfortunately I have bigger problems than cages at the minute, i was taking Trilby's millet out of the cage in order to use it as a training tool and Trilby took the oppotunity to escape. At the moment she is isolated in the living room (all windows doors etc closed) It was stupid of me really - i'd got used to her sitting so still every time I put my hand in the cage that i wasn't expecting the speed she made a beeline for the door. I have tried chasing her with a tea towel but she is much too fast for me and I think it was just stressing her out. She looks quite happy sat on top of the curtain rail at the moment even playing with the brass rings. I was thinking of leaving her to see if she will fly back of her own accord, and if that doesn't work waiting till it goes dark and catching her with a tea towel then. I remember doing this with our last budgie on his first couple of excursions out of his cage before he learnt to let himself in and out or be taken back on a finger. Agh this is really frustrating, I'm worried all this stress etc. will undo all the taming i've tried so far. Poor little Trilby. If anyone has any tips on the least stressful way to get Trilby back in her cage i'd be really grateful. Jaffy x
  12. I think the links going was down to me being a bit dim as I posted the same post somewhere else. I feel like at the age of 24 I really should be better with computers & technology than I am! Second try for photos...fingers, toes, beaks etc crossed http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...8/Trilby030.jpg http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...8/Trilby022.jpg http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...8/Trilby024.jpg http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...8/Trilby021.jpg http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...8/Trilby010.jpg http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...8/Trilby008.jpg http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...8/Trilby013.jpg http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii260/J...;][/color]
  13. Hello – this is my first post so I hope I don't type/do anything too daft. I recently brought home my new budgie Trilby. I did try to find breeders but after not getting anywhere I admit I went to a pet shop. Not the nicest pet shop in the world either, if I had more will power I would have waited but I couldn't bear to leave this little budgie behind . I picked Trilby as she seemed active & happy chirping away etc also I may be biased but I think she is the prettiest budgie I've ever seen! I assumed she was a girl (cere looks kind of brown-y to me) and a young one because she has no iris's. But I am learning there is much more to it than that – I.e. - I hear hen's cere's don't change colour till they are older? She doesn't have any stripes down to her cere (which I am told is an indication of budgie youth) but then she only has a few very light grey ones on the back of her head anyway and during my endless budgie obsessed internet research I discovered that some lighter coloured budgies never have these stripes? I was hoping someone would be able to shed light on all of this for me as you can probably tell I am quite confused! If anyone could help me out with type that would be great too. Aside from all my confusion over budgie gender, age, type etc. Trilby seems to be settling in well. She is a little skittish as I expected but has chirped back and forth to me on occasion and although ignoring her seed pot etc has vigorously attacked her millet spray and eaten a few seeds on the floor – strangely she seems happiest to eat when I am burbling away at her. I am taking this as a good sign. Although coming from a rather suspect pet shop I am expecting taming to be a gradual process. Anyway thanks for any response on age/gender – I have stuck with she for ease of post – and I think Trilby is a unisex name should I have to revise this! Also in case anyone worries about her cage being a little sparse I will definitely be looking for some new exciting toys for her too. Apologies for the rambling! Jaffy X Pictures that i hope work - :budgiedance:
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