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  1. Hello all ) I am in the process of putting up and aviary for my 9 budgies, they have been inside apart from 1 of the budgies that was brought from an outside aviary, when we put them out into the aviary, which will be in the next couple of weeks, will they be o.k, i.e with the weather at night when it get's cold because they would not be used to the night weather... thanks abi
  2. Thanks for all your welcomes, nice to know there's people out there that care. Maybe it was a kidney or testicular tumor... the avian vet who came in Sunday morning and felt and looked over BJ said he was fine body wise, i.e she couldn't feel any lumps etc... but who knows i wish we had gotten an xray, it's just a shock as he was fine one minute then gone within like 24 hours... Wish i could bring him back to life.
  3. Hi All, My sweet little budgie died on the weekend, he was the best budgie in the world. He was 3 and a half, fit healthy, eating, drinking doing everything he normally does on Friday. He did not look sick, he was not puffed up...he was just the same as he always is... then on Saturday morning we found him on the bottom of the cage, alive, but one of his legs was paralyzed and he could not balance on the other leg, all he wanted to do was lie on the bottom of the cage and go to sleep... I heard him chirping under his cover Saturday morning so he was fine then, i thought i heard something crash to the bottom of the cage but didn't think alot of it as we have 9 budgies and they all play around together... So we took him to the vet, they had a look and said his leg wasn't broken, they took him in over night and he died that night... the avian vet wasn't in until Sunday....(feel bad that we didn't just take him to another vet where an avian vet was). So my point is... could he have fallen somehow and done some internal injury to his leg (i.e joint) or does this sound like a stroke.... he was still eating and drinking when he was at the vet Saturday evening maybe he had another stroke and that's what killed him.... if he did fall wouldn't he be able to balance on the other leg? The vet said may be kidney problems but you would have thought he would have showed symptoms before and had funny droppings.. Any ideas on what might have caused him to die would be much appreciated, it keeps going through my head!!! Also can budgie's have xrays? thanks abi
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