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  1. I've found that yellow capsicum turns red like blood too... Janus got it on his wing from grooming and I thought Apollo had beaten him out while I was gone... turns out just some capsicum ._.'
  2. Hmm I dunno what I can add really, but from my experience, Janus used to bully Apollo a bit early on, but now they're inseperable. Sometimes they still have the odd lovers tiff, but in general they get along fine. It might take a little time for Elly to get used to having someone else around (as I'm gathering she's older than Mellow). That's just my 2 cents, and I'm in no way very experienced with two birds in the one cage (as this is my first experience too!).
  3. No. I did the silly thing and didn't! And then I ended up having to take both of them to the vet -- this was 2 years ago. But they only got some mites, nothing to drastic. They're healthy and happy now.
  4. Wow, keep forgetting to check back. I thought I'd find my old introductory thread, and show you guys some newer photos of Janus, and his (new) friend Apollo (Lollo). I got Apollo because it seemed like Janus was getting down in the dumps, and since Apollo has turned up, he seems much happier. I did my research before getting the new bird and was informed two males go together better, so I got another male. Here's some photos. Janus is the green one, and Apollo is the grey one. Enjoy. http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c219/ser.../Picture069.jpg Kisses. <3 http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c219/ser...ia/PB050547.jpg Apollo roosting on my laptop. http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c219/ser...12082008039.jpg Deciding that sleeping on his toy was the best place to sleep.
  5. I've gotten those plastic balls for my birds too (I have two now, although I don't believe I wrote an introduction for my second bird! lol). I do the same. I tie them up. One hangs from the handle of the cage on the roof (outside), and the other hangs inside the cage with some string and beads attached. Here's a picture of what I've done with the balls. Both have bells inside, which Janus LOVES. He's obsessed with bells The most recent toy, inside their cage. Apollo (my new bird) and the other ball attached to the top of the cage.
  6. Yeh sorry about that. Happened when I editted it - I didn't actually put the html in... I think might be a bug with the forums, not sure. Anyway, I was in a bit of a rush so I didn't get to fix it up. But again, thanks! I just bought a whole heap of beads from them myself. So far the communication with them is great! Hopefully my beads will be here Tuesday or Wednesday
  7. I noticed a few members on here liked to make their own toys for the budgies, and/or other birds.<br /><br />I found a good seller, who said their beads are bird safe, and have many other buyers buy their beads for their birds.<br /><br />The beads they sell also look identical to the "My Parrot Shop" beads, with same dimensions, but are quite a bit cheaper.<br /><br />Just thought I'd link you to their ebay shop!<br /><br />I'm not discouraging people from purchasing from My Parrot Shop, as they also have things this ebay shop doesn't have. But if you are after LARGER quantities of certain designs of the beads, this might be a worthwhile look.<br /><br /><a href="http://myworld.ebay.com.au/transc3nd3nz/" target="_blank">http://myworld.ebay.com.au/transc3nd3nz/</a>
  8. Sorry, You get cuttlefish in Victoria? I haven't seen any on the beaches here in ages... What beaches?
  9. That's what I meant to say - sorry. I was half asleep at work when I wrote that, not really paying too much attention to what I wrote, (Laughing out loud)!
  10. Thanks heaps for the confirmation. I wasn't sure, as with my previous birds, my mother was always home (I was living home then and only just recently moved out), and she'd be making noise, with the tv, radio etc. So there was no need to worry about such things.
  11. I think leaving the heat on is a bit extreme? From my experiences with my budgies (and my canaries - which in my opinion are significantly weaker than budgies) in the past, that hasn't ever been needed. Sure, pull them inside from outside.. if they're an inside bird. If they're used to being outside and have others with them, cover them and ensure they have nesting boxes or something and should be okay, in my opinion. I've left my bird without a blanket and gone away for a week in winter before, and came back and she was fine? The weather would get to about 0C sometimes... she lived. It never gets that cold *inside*. The lowest I ever seen it in my house was 10C, and she was fine through that too - ofcourse, I WASNT (Laughing out loud). I think as long as your bird is USED TO (whatever) conditions, then it shouldn't affect it. I agree with the above post. Budgies are "tough" birds, who have dealt with WORSE conditions in the horrid conditions in Rural Australia... >_> Edit: I'm not goign to claim this accurate in birds, as I'm not a Vet, but people don't get sick from the cold, unless it's SEVERE. So the old wives tale of "put a jacket on or you'll get the flu" is a lie. Yes, the temperature does affect the amount of pathogens in the air, but not wearing a jacket isn't going to do much. I don't know if this is like that with birds, but it's like this with humans.. So imo, I don't see how a mild draft will make the bird sick.. Might make it extremely uncomfortable which could resort in stress though? >_>
  12. But I thought you can't use those in water restrictions...
  13. Hi Guys I'm posting this from work, so expect it to be editted later tonight when I get home. Janus has been flying around a lot more, and calmed down a lot. Purchased a whole heap of toys for him last night which should arrive in the mail today or tomorrow. He's calming down a lot, but still bites pretty hard - although rarer. He chirps in the mornings now when we wake up too (which is before Sunrise ) Because my partner and I both work full time an hour away, I leave the radio on softly for him every day. Is this a good idea?
  14. I've been reading the FAQ for re-familiarise myself with a youngster, and showing my partner, as this is his first budgie. Janus is going really well. I'll try to get more photos as he gets even more active, preferrably ones outside his cage. Thank you all for the help and support, really really appreciated. In regards to Olive, she looks beautiful. Especially the picture of her hiding near the feed bowls Love budgies, cutest things ever. Oh, and Janus says thanks for the compliments about his beautiful plumage :rip:
  15. Thanks guys. Janus is much more active today. He's playing with his toys and found his new favourite spot - the swing!! I'm introducing fresh lettuce to him, by placing it next to his swing, and he's been sampling it. Still questions our hand a bit, but he's getting a lot better. So slowly, he'll get there. P.S. The colour on the picture where he's playing 'hide and seek' is the only one I was willing to use flash with. The others I wasn't brave enough, as I didn't want to scare him. As for the tub he was sitting in, it was just a small tub of seed we had out - because he was trying to eat the patterns on the sofa bed matteress, (Laughing out loud). He decided it'd be a good idea to sit in it, then later decided to tip it over. (Laughing out loud)
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