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  1. How many budgies could i keep in this aviary? It's 90cm wide, 2m & 16cm long and 2m & 8cm high.
  2. Does anyone know where i could get some ivermectin? I am in SA. Is it possible to buy it online? thanks
  3. I'll have to make some calls to see what petshops around here have what. Liv, have you ever found anything around here that's just the one drop between the budgies shoulders? Because it's going to be hard to catch them twice everyday to treat them with the Castor oil because there is about 10 of them with it and they are all in a big aviary, they don't have it too bad yet just a bit around their beaks.
  4. I am in South Australia in a small country town about 2 hours out of Adelaide. Thank you Liv i am probably going to have to try that as it seems like i am not going to find SCATT or anytime soon, it's just going to take awhile to treat them all.
  5. I have been trying to find a avian vet close to me but i can't seem to find one. I was hoping i would just be able to order something for it online.
  6. I have been reading your forum for a few weeks now because a few of my budgies have scaly face and i read on here that a product called SCATT will get rid of it. So i looked around on some onine stores to see who had it and i found one website that did www.pets-megastore.com.au so i went ahead and ordered some but i just got an e-mail this morning saying they can't post this product in Australia. So i was wondering if anyone here knows of any online stores that sell it or any other product that will get rid of scary face?
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