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  1. Hey Brez, Congrats on your babies! One word of advice with the normal/ spangle nest i wouldnt move any of her eggs she is capable of looking after 5 babies if there are more 5 than move them but she seems to like it when they are left and the falow has only has only reared 3 babies at a time from memory. But whatever works. OOh and also watch the ino because they have a high mortality rate i have had a few die for no apparent reason. Goodluck with them. I am hapy that they have gone to such a good home.
  2. I only have 9 cabinets and i am finding that hard to deal with! I must be lazy! I will be at the meeting on friday so i will look forward to seeing you there.
  3. Thats exactly what happened to us! But when the bank looks at your credit report it shows them that you had the default in 00/00/00 and that it was on there for a long time and not paid which sucks because we did the same as you and paid it as soon as we found out but it still looks bad on file. grrrrrrrr I am not liking banks at the moment!
  4. Hey Mb Congratulations its an exciting time i am also looking its fun but soooooo stressfull. With the defaults they say if it is atleast 4-5 years old it should be fine and also if it was not ongoing and paid quickly it also should be fine. We had two due to stupid mobile phones that were 4 years old and they are fine with those we are stuck with them excepting my hubbies secong job as an income! They might ask you to right a letter explaining how the default came about but it should be smooth sailing from there on in. Goodluck
  5. Hey Neat i changed my mind i do want mac! For some reason i thought he was a blue dilute? Maybe i am getting confused with magoo? I love the yellow and blue pieds :fear
  6. Goodluck with that deb i am sure dave will have some beauties for you. Dave have you got any for me????No wait dont answer that i have too many already!
  7. Its hard to tell you might need to post a picture of their back so we can see what they are properly. I think that the one on the left is a mauve spangle and on the right a sky blue normal if i am wrong someone will correct me.
  8. Sorry i gave you a super ***** bird! I swear it was that clutch because her brothers are getting frisky too! Dont worry we can both breath a sigh of release on november 1!!!! Oh and just to make a good start to the month we have the bird sale on november 1 woo hoo! Things are looking up!!! ( Dont worry about the snakes and finding a house) BIRD SALE!!! What more do we need???
  9. missylu


    Thanks for your opinions guys. I am going to look at it and see how much damage is done i have a few friends in the business wink wink neat that could help me fix it up if the price is right. Any other opinions or game plans when it comes to buying?
  10. missylu


    Hi guys! I need help i am having major heart palpatations right now just thinking about it! My husband two kids and myself have been given thirty days eviction notice as our rented house was sold. Instead of moving out and paying someone elses mortgage we decided to see if we could get our own. I am now looking at all the properties on the market and am sooooo torn as to what to do i could move into the same area i am in now for around $280,000 for a small fibro house or one suburb over for $280,000 i could get a nice brick house!!!! BUT i found a nice little house in a booming location right next to the school and shops for $280,000 but worth $320+ the catch................. It had termites!!! The termites have been sprayed and subsequently killed but they have left behind an amount of damage behind the walls. Now it is liveable and you probably wouldnt notice the rest of the house is in great condition but will they come back? wil the damage deteriate more from the weather now? anyone with any advice on home ownership i WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT! I am completley freaking out as i am a girl who has blown all my money on unnecesary stuff and now i have to give it all up to pay off a house!! Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks guys. Its hard because with the style of cabinets and boxes we have we cut a hole in the cabinet to fit the box on the side so i cant remove the box. I will just have to buy some wood or something and cover the hole or something. What do you do with your birds when they are done breeding for the year? Do you just let them fly around free in the open aviary? Do they still keep paired to the same partner?
  12. I am moving in a few weeks and i want to avoid my birds having any eggs between now and then so i was thinking about putting them in sections boys in one cage girls in another is it a good idea to do that or is it better to keep my pairs together?(without boxes) Its just that most of my pairs are well and trully bonded and i dont want them to fret for there partners. And i dont want them to lose their bonding either so if i did that when i put them back would they be more likely to breed?
  13. Poor Neaty poo! Oh well we might be helping each other move! Poor little jakey Im sure he will be back to his crazy self in no time! Things will get better always remember that! Chin up matey
  14. My two babies giving cuddles.
  15. Can anyone help me tell the colours of the babies? cobalt/violet opaline? back veiw of the cobalt violet violet or mauve normal? They are a bit darker than in the photo.Thanks in advance
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